Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Right Wing Logic: Nuh-uuuuuuh!

I heard some conservative asshat on Hannity yesterday arguing that we killed bin Laden and now we have to hunt down every single person in the world who threatens the USA and do the same to them. The liberal (rational) counter argument was that killing one spawns another and another and another kill order to an absurd degree. She was labeled crazy by both the conservative woman and Hannity.

Reminded me of a conversation I had while riding in the car with my parents as a child, though the exact context escapes me. It went something like this:

ME: Well, what if I want the cookie?
MOM: You can't have it.
ME: Maybe I'll just take it.
MOM: Maybe we'll call the police.
ME: Then I'll beat up the police.
MOM: They'll send more police.
ME: I'll beat them up too.
MOM: Then they'll send police from other states.
ME: Beat 'em up.
MOM: Then they'll send the army.
ME: And I'll beat 'em up. I'll beat up the whole world.
MOM: Then they'll call God and you'll go to hell.
ME: Okay. Nevermind.

At a VERY remedial level, how does a self-proclaimed Christian who readily demonizes an entire religion based on a couple radicals justify their own Christianity while calling for the normalized assassination of all enemies of America? Um, if she was in any other country she'd be on our terrorist watch list.


Blueberry said...

Even a few minutes of a Fox News show provides enough head-shaking rage to last awhile.

lunamother said...

I love your mom. Just sayin'

Professor Chaos said...

It's only terrorism when THEY do it.

CramCake said...

I disagree with the "anyone who threatens the USA". I think the point (that may have been missed by the asshat) was that it was "someone who actually, deeply, hurt the USA".

Kay Dennison said...

And this is why I haven't seen Faux News in ages except for blog posts. I'm boycotting them.

Ricky Shambles said...

Blue- This was his radio show, but you're still spot on.

lunamother- Yeah, she's cool.

Professor- Yes, and they should all die.

CramCake- yeah, she was out there.

Kay- I hit the Fox or AM purposely to get the ire movin' - that and caffeine and booze and I'm good.