Friday, April 20, 2012

Awesomeness Videos: Biden Bad Lip Read & Two an Awful Music Videos & Slo-mo 'Splosions (UPDATED!)

Awww, we got knocked down to only ONE awful music video :( There was one up called "3 Second Rule" that was some bastard country music bad teacher in a classroom of cowboys singing that it was okay to catch an eyefull of lady, but only for three seconds. Removed by user. Boo!

UPDATE! My man Philip at pbump was able to find a re-hosted version of this terror we call "3 Second Rule:"

(4 more songs can be painfully listened to at this link. Don't click it. Here there be monsters.)

This one I described to someone on Twitter as Rebecca Black's Friday divided by zero:

Slow Motion Explosions. My favorite is possibly the wine bottle in the microwave. Science!

And finally, here's your Joe Biden BLR. Brilliant as always:

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