Friday, April 20, 2012

Ohio's Republican War on Women: Planned Parenthood

It may be entertaining to look at the Republicans rearranging deck chairs as the Titanic sinks and chuckle to ourselves and know how November goes down after they haven't done a damn thing about jobs but managed to alienate the entire female population, but there are real-world consequences for their actions.

State-level Republians have carried the torch of their war on women and bludgeoned the patsy of Planned Parenthood in several states, and Ohio has become the new battleground. In a mid-budget review bill, state republicans have inserted language that would functionally defund Planned Parenthood. Nice work on the unemployment numbers, guys! And here's a link to sign a petition because sometimes that has an effect. If you live in Ohio, PLEASE contact your state representatives and give this a voice.

SIDENOTE: One of the commenters in the link above aptly notes that this legislation alteration comes within one day of Ohio returning to capital punishment. Yep, one day we serve a grown, living human being an IV cocktail of death - next day we're crying bloody murder over a bundle of cells. Yay Ohio: showing the world how backwards we are every damn day.


Anonymous said...

Why should taxpayers pay for abortions?

Ricky Shambles said...

Anon: You make an excellent point. There are federal mandates that federal tax money will not fund abortions, and Planned Parenthood (unless they want to be defunded on books) is pretty damn careful about what money goes where.

I am guessing you are making the "fungible" claim, that since tax money goes to this organization for non-abortion purposes that funds are freed-up for abortion practices.

Might want to check your gut on that one. There are also federal mandates that religious organizations cannot use federal money for religious purposes. But if we pay a Catholic church money for, say, a homeless soup kitchen, then that frees up funds for them to promote religion.

So I'm okay with defunding PP if you're okay with defunding ALL religious organizations.