Thursday, August 09, 2007

Bush's Press Conference - Money, Woah

Bush held a conference today touting his "American Competitiveness Doctrine." Reporters didn't give a crap. They were out for Pakistan, infrastructure, Iraq, Tillman, housing market.

On the market: "...liquidity in the market..." It's just fun to hear him struggle verbally with "liquidity" and mentally with the concept of what the hell he's saying.

On Guantanamo: "We don't torture." Of course we don't. We have foreign contractors who do that.

On Iran: "Put up yer dukes - heh - that's an old boxing expression." That's when the press erupted in laughter like a class with a teacher who's a total asshat, glancing around knowingly "Did you frickin' hear that? What a tard! Drinks later!"

On the tax code: "...a simplick - simplification of" the tax code.

But the one I really enjoyed was when Mr. POTUS was talking about raising a gas tax for bridge repairs; he was in favor of reallocation: "That's not the way to prioritize peoples' money."

But this is:
Cost of the War in Iraq
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It's about time I had that in my margin.

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