Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Linktastica!, Analytics, LS Blogs, and Mashed Potatoes

What, are you new?
Just a lovely welcome to Balls and Walnuts now in Linktastica! I try to keep that list down to the blogs I visit on a regular basis and BnW has become one of my regular train stops in the past couple weeks.

If anyone's wondering how cutting edge they are, I regularly reel in about 200 visits a week with normal, organic traffic (haven't toyed with paid ads yet). If I pimp myself to Crooks and Liars, I can peak a day at 500 or so. And this one time, someone pinned me on Digg, about marijuana, and I got 10,000 hits in one day.

But - hey! - that was just a fluke. I want that to be clear, because, you know, what you an me got, well, that's personal. And as soon as I'm pulling a K a day, you think I'll lose you in the traffic, that I'll forget about you. But it's not like that, baby. This is special. "Now" is special. Trust that.

LS Blogs
LS Blogs will give you multiple directory listings with no necessity of a reciprocal link. They're so nice, I put their little chicklet in my left column. See how that works?

Mashed Potatoes
I recently posted on the Democratic YouTube CNN debate and added one of the greatest quotes of all time. It deserves reposting:
[alt audio link]

Love you long time. See that thing on the left that wants your email? You, to, can have Ricky Shambles in your box. You know you want it.

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Doug said...

Traffic is easy. Write about sex and post cleavage photos -- you'll get scads of traffic :)

Thanks for the link, Ricky. I've got yer back.