Thursday, October 11, 2007

All Things Democrat

Folks, I'm extending myself.

You may have heard of me on such blogs as All Things Democrat. Embarrassingly, it's been intermittent on the postings. But from now on, I'll be doing the daily thing there as well as what I do here. First on that list: Dennis Kucinich for president. Surprise.

No, no, now, now, don't worry: I will never surrender to EVIL, just like the president, and will not stop the quirky, lovely, deliciousness that is Cause for Concern.

I hearken back and paraphrase a cheezy cartoon my parents put up on the wall by Family Circle: "How do you divide your love amongst your blogs?" "I Don't divide it, I multiply it."

Love it long time, pay it attention. Specifically, Democratically political, and more than me.

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