Monday, August 11, 2008

Fun With Scams - Project Top Urgent

While our last project saw us made at the first email, I have learned from the experience, and right now feel like Annie Potts in Ghostbusters hitting that red buzzer and screaming "We got one!"

That's right, you sadist readers, you read it correctly: Top Urgent.

Today's solicitation comes from another HSBC person:


A short, unremarkable note came with this poorly 'Shopped "document" (click to see bigger)

Top Urgent Letter

And, for your pleasure:

Top Urgent

So with the quick ending of our previous experiment, I took it easy and didn't lay it on too thick for round 1. Gotsta gettem used to me:

Hey Dr. Akwa,

Are you kidding? Is this a miracel? Oh, my wife, Debbie and I are having a rough time of it and our car just broke down and - are you kidding? Aw, I can't believe this!

So you're in a different country? IS Ghana in England? How does this work? I'm just wonderin to get more details to make sure you're not joshin me or tryin to pull one over on me.

I don't think we have any money over in England, but if you say so, and show me more that this is real, I think we can work this out. Just don't want to get burned. Ya know?

Talks to you soon Chris

Hoping heavily for updates to this one. Stay tuned.

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