Monday, August 04, 2008

McCain's The One Ad: Misdirected?

Asshat McCain has apparently gone the way of Mike Church. Here's the ad everyone's talking about.

But in an effort to make a caricature out of "Messianic" Obama, it's only the far right that will have a chuckle at it. And near the end, in an apparent pushing of the lampoon, they basically call Obama Moses by showing a clip of The Ten Commandments. And after portraying Barack Obama as savior and leader of all Israelites, they ask if he's ready to lead.

Well, you just showed him leading all the Israelites out of Egypt and parting the Red Sea. He can probably handle sitting at a desk, planning, and talking to people.

And while I'm certain that when McCain saw this ad he did his SNL Pat creepy "dontcha-thinkits-funny" chuckle, this is yet another testament (hehe) to the fact that Republicans do not understand "funny," satire, or any facet of comedy. And that, "my friends," is hilarious.

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