Thursday, August 07, 2008

What's in a Name, John?

John McCain has dropped the idea of repeated pronouncements of Barack Obama's middle name to promote fear and ignorance, and did so almost as soon as it surfaced.

Why? He doesn't need to, of course. He's John McCain. Three syllables. No nonsense. As tight an concise as the shiny skin of his scalp.

What other reason could there be? Perhaps John McCain's full name is to be avoided?

John Sidney McCain III

Wha-what? Thurston Howell III with a middle name that might as well be Sissypants. Put that boy in knickers and a sailor cap.

Or this...
McCain Lollipop Guild
Three Flavors of McCain


DCup said...

Bwahahhahaha! Like we're supposed to believe that hogwash about "we're not using Obama's middle name to imply he's a muslim terrorist!"


Freida Bee said...
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Freida Bee said...

I can't help but notice a remarkable resemblance of the three gents in the pic to W, actually.

I suppose that makes Cindy a Lovie who dresses up like Ginger.