Monday, September 14, 2009

Why Republicans / Conservatives / Teabaggers / Astroturfers / Tenthers / Birthers Suck so Hard

They are retarded.

Some might leave it at that and in that vein insult those that are genuinely, mentally handicapped.

The angry mob of boogeymen and boogeywomen that at every turn the right wing media are pushing and prodding and firing up with fear and anger with food for fuel of facts that are nothing if not false like Barnaby cracking the gates in Laurel and Hardy's Babes in Toyland, these people wanting to believe in something that is not a black man in the white house and stand charged with ignorance and lies, those people are logistically retarded, thought-process handicapped, deaf and blind to even the raw, proven truth that is put in front of their faces for the Priests of AM Radio have directed them to shout bloody murder and call such truths witchcraft and howl and shout down the opposition with unintelligible grunts and groans.

Glenn Beck saying that his 9/12 movement had nothing to do with the 9/12 gathering in DC immediately followed by a commercial saying anyone looking for info about DC check out the 9/12 website.

Rush Limbaugh saying that Obama is an institution built to intentionally drive the market into failure and destroy America while the other side of his jowls spouts non-belief in conspiracy theories.

Rush calling Joe Wilson a hero for screaming "liar" like a mad ferret at Obama during his health care speech when any Democrat who would've done the same to GHWB's constant, provable bullshit would've been called out on the carpet and castrated by the same media.

Congress on the right claiming they really do want health care reform but not really all that much but they won't even read the bill and where's that fucking campaign check from the insurance companies...

EVERYONE on the right in congress and on the radio driving these fear-and-lies-driven mobs to town halls and claiming they are just informing normal people to take a stand but in reality driving the uninformed automaton bus.

The hypocrisy of "The Sanctity of Marriage" being torn asunder by homosexuals when affairs and divorce are ruining the construct - the construct that has only been made up and accepted (by them) in the last few decades.

Some fucking whack-a-doo on one of the Columbus religious stations talking about Obama being a man, not a god, and how he has no right to talk to the children, to impose what HE wants them to do, that he is NOT the "public master" but "public servant." Seriously. Do these people have NO idea of how language works, especially in relation to slavery connotations? [Note: Standing reference that Republicans do not understand language nuance - i.e., humor, race - or technology still stands quite solidly.]

Just about any damn thing that comes out of anyone defaming a president of 9 months who was saying about Bush "give him a chance" before 9/11 skewed everything to "He's the President and never wrong."

Rush finally saying that the fucking loss in unemployment applications refers not to those who have found jobs but those who are simply no longer applying for unemployment - like it ran out, like when it was doing so for millions of Americans (myself included) about six years ago and he was praising Bush's ability to renew the economy.

The economy is a tough fucking monster with thousands of variables that, depending on whom you listen to, has never been mastered correctly. When a president takes the reins from another and is left with a massive expanse of shit, (s)he should be given at least a year and a half to rock out some shit. And I will stand by that. And I will stand by that last I will stand by that.

The right is not just uninformed, they are incorrectly uninformed. They are stunted in their basic knowledge of reality because they do nothing but listen to - I hate to even call them - pundits who flail and wag the Reagan stick at them like it's a measure of distinction and verbally rape history and pick and choose and interpret from the Constitution like they do from the Bible and embrace every word that calls Obama a devil and socialist and communist and Hitler and loves it and wants to kiss it on the bubbies.

As Colbert said that one time, "Reality has a liberal bias."

And I'm tired of watching the myrmidons of Right Radio lap up the dribbling shit off the lips of the logorrhea coming off the mouths of manipulative, malcontent fools.

That's why I'm a little worked up today.


Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Well said. This million moron march did nothing but gather all the racists in one place. Too bad we couldn't just drop a few bombs and be done with the most of them but its only by letting them air out their stinky laundry that we can expose the ignorance of their views.

Ricky Shambles said...

haha. million moron march.

And even that's politicized. Organizing cops began reports at under 100K, Rush blows it up to 500K, some limey at the Telegraph blows it to 1.5 - 2 million, and one of Glenn Beck's callers says she overheard a police dispatch radio saying the crowd would grow to "three point five" at which point they talked about how 3.5 million people may have been there. Asshats all.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

amen brother!! did you perchance see this vid?

Ricky Shambles said...

Thanks to you I did Kimy! Posted and credited. Thanks!

Calvin's Nuggets of Wisdom said...

Great post! keep 'em coming!