Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Get a Diaper: The Republicans Are Shitting Everywhere

Today Republicans are shutting down ALL hearings in the Senate, including discussions on homeless vets, feeding children, and our military status with North Korea.

To all the Republican Senate: Grow a fucking sack you goddamned eunuchs. You are full of bullshit, everyone knows that, and you are now playing the key role of the whiny little baby.

On second thought: keep on ya bastards. No one's going to re-elect some temper-tantrum mess of a human being. And that's exactly what you all are: a sad excuse for a politician and a sad excuse for a human.

I hope your spouses get used to your diapers quickly; no one likes a shitty-smelling senator. Even if you've always smelled like that.

Sidenote: Palin is touting reloading on her Twitter, PAC is target-happy and Beck is thinking out loud about picking up a gun. I give it 5 days until another violent act is committed based on government actions and fueled by these right wing nutters.

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