Thursday, March 03, 2011

WI Cops: Smarter Than the Average Bear

Wisconsin Senate Republicans want to have those durn Dems arrested. Police association says NO.

Don't the Repubs read? The Dems left the state because that voids the "compel them" clause if they flee.

But aside from that, this is probably how the convo worked out.
R-SEN: Go arrest those Dems!

COPS: Yeah. No.

R-SEN: The power of Legislature compels you!

COPS: But it's written right here we can't compel them.

R-SEN: But you can!

COPS: Uh, we're Wisconsin cops. We can't go gangbusters into Illinois and drag them out. That's illegal. You would need the FBI.

R-SEN: But the FBI is run by a black man in a white house.

COPS: Is that some sort of "eagle flies west" code?

R-SEN: Nevermind. So, just hypothetically, *wink* if they WERE in Wisconsin, would you go get in your big, strong cop car and hunt down those whiny, wobbly wittle Demmies?

COPS: Please don't touch my thigh. So you're asking if we would forcibly compel Democrats to return to the capitol so you can have a vote to pass a bill that will ruin public employee livelihood in an underhanded trade to give rich companies tax breaks?

R-SEN: Aww, COPS, you have such a way with words. But you're exempt. I mean, uh, yeah, kinda.

COPS: And how long until I'm next? You hold the gavel. Stick it up your ass. Then find another gavel and pound it in before I find a way to fit my foot up there.

R-SEN: Ooh, really?

COPS: Fuck off.

Or maybe that's how it should've been.

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