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Christ on a Bun! - Religion 'n' Violence, Political Jesus, Jesus: The Book

A little old, a little new, a little secondary introduction to Christ on a Bun!

Religion and Violence?

According to a brilliant new line of research, it seems that religion, or "God is on our side," can actually lead to violence and justification for that violence. The lead researcher recently uncovered a book entitled "World History," and was blown away by its contents.

Honestly. WTF? How does anyone even call this research? Religion has played some role in violence justification since there was violence. Or since there was religion. Chicken and egg kind of thing.

Separation of...what? What was that?

Last week, a group of 40 members of Congress from both sides of the aisle came together to promote prayer. Publicly.
However, Mr. Forbes says the group put politics aside and agreed on three unifying principles: "The historical importance of prayer, the power of prayer and a recognition that it's time the nation needs to come together and pray."
Holy shitcakes!

And after it happened, the reports became even more bleak. A protester and a package stalled the meeting, and
Twice delayed, the prayer event relocated to the lawn, and some members of Congress joked that it was God's way of moving the event to nature rather than buildings made by men.
Ha ha, those... wait, that's not - how's that funny? Most of these people don't even believe the planet (a.k.a., nature) is in danger.

Their aim is to "build a spiritual prayer wall" around the country. Whether this is in lieu of a border fence or just a stand-in until the proper immigration reform can go through was not clarified.

Our political leaders holding a revival, sans tent, on the lawn of our nations capital, with "Hallelujah, Bless the Lord" being shouted does not sit well with me. Nor should it sit well with any American who doesn't believe in a governmental endorsement of religion or, worst case scenario, a theocracy.

Jesus. Again? Hell!

Pope Benedict XVI is to release his own book on Jesus this coming April 16th, exactly eight days after April 8th, Easter, the day of Jesus' death. Some theologians and the religious in general are wondering if it isn't too soon. "Hell, we still can't make jokes about stingrays and the Croc Hunter," said one concerned churchgoer. "How does this look?" Others are concerned that the book is meant to glorify the Pope more than Jesus, being released on his 80th birthday. Benedict's birthday, not Jesus. Duh.

Literary types are wondering, at this point, how this is unlike another tenth-grade, 3-page paper on The Scarlet Letter.

You'll remember last time we heard from Benedict, he was touting the reality of the burning-fire-brimstone-heat-pain-eternity hell. Eternal fire. Maybe we should talk to Satan about an alternative energy plan.

Limbo's bullshit; purgatory was not addressed.

He also said "the Christian faith is not imposed on anyone, it is a gift, an offer to mankind." ...and if they don't accept it? Please refer to eternal burning of flesh comments. And for Christ's sake, buy the book!

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