Friday, March 28, 2008

Debbie Shank: Yes, Wal-Mart is the Villain

Wal Mart is the Devil

I love getting comments for my posts; it's like getting a present in the mail every time my email tells me that I got a comment. And for the most part, I simply reply (because I pretty much reply to all comments).

However, this one stuck with me on the issue of Debbie Shank and Wal-Mart:
Why is Wal-mart the villian? Three months after their employee enrolled in the health insurance they provide a semi-truck hits her and when she recovers a million $ they ask to be repaid their expenses. Ms Shank's accident is unfortunate but not Wal-marts fault. I haven't read anywhere if she recovered funds from her auto insurance...only that she can no longer afford a full time nurse and may have to move to a semi-private room.
My Response:


Wal-Mart provided health care. That health care provided Debbie Shank with the care she needed to recover to the point that she was before the settlement.

The settlement - which, because of costs, she got less than half of - was a court's decision that she needed/deserved that money to maintain proper care of her because of the injuries she incurred.

Wal-Mart, because of their insurance small-print, was well within their rights to recoup expenses. But there is business and there is good business; there is small print and there is over-reaching past morality and humanity to make a buck. Corporation, business, or human: this is wrong.

For fucking Christ's Sake! The woman can't remember her son died in Iraq from day to day and weeps like it's the first time every time. Throw her a fucking bone by not raping her for the money that might take care of her that she won't even realize anyway! "Hallelujah. Holy shit. Where's the Tylenol? "

Wal-Mart will always be the villain because of how they strongarm producers to produce overseas (see: China) to increase their profit margin and kill American jobs in order to give us lower prices and lower standard-of-living jobs.

20% of China's product goes to Wal-Mart. 80% of what Wal-Mart purchases is from China, lead paint and all. Wal-Mart is the villain because it is hurting America and Americans. Nothing less.


libhom said...

A lot of corporations are having low level PR employees post on blogs to protect their images, or at least they think. I wonder if the comment you are referring to is one of those.

Anonymous said...

fired up union worker!!
I agree with everyone on Debbi Shank's side, wal-mart is the villian! I have been a union trades worker for almost 30 years now and have stopped shopping at any of the businesses that are anti employee and union. i also boycot businesses that secretly behind our backs try to shut down good american made products and companies. pantagonia and many other well known companies pay huge amounts of money trying to have the hydroelectric dams removed. we need to stand together for people like debbi and her family, it's shameful that wal-mart feel no guilt in taking money they could choose to leave to the family!