Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Reminder: Me. In Your Box.

Ricky Shambles Naked, Pussy in Box

You know you're special to me. Yes. I'm talking to you.

And while you may have been here from the beginning, you may also be very, very new to this sexy, sultry place I like to call home.

You see, my first thoughts are of you, and I would hate for you to miss even one, single second.

So over there on the left, just below that little Hellbox avatar, it says "Enter Your Email." You know what that does? It will slide every little thing I write straight into your box every morning. And if you haven't tried Ricky Shambles in the morning, well, let's just say it's better'n an Egg McMuffin. Speaking of muffins...

So sign up, brace yourself, ...and release.

Now. Put your pants back on. What kind of place do you think this is?

(...and just because it fits...)
Quantum LOLCats

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