Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rush Limbaugh is a Moron

Last week, Rush - based on a "sample" of three people in the studio - proclaimed that all the skinny people he knows drink regular pop and the fat people drink diet. And therefore: diet pop makes you fat.

Today I heard him say that exercise does not matter; if you want to lose weight, you must change what you eat.

There are quarter or eighth-truths here, but it is clearly flawed, borderline retarded logic.

And with this wit he attacks the left, claiming Obama wants everyone in the country to be poor, wants to feed America to blacks for reparations.

How is it that this douche is the voice of the Republican Party? How do the Repubs not see why they're in this situation?

Keep giving them rope. More and more rope. It only gets better.


Michael S. said...

I used to enjoy Limbaugh when he talked about feminazies and environmental wackos. And he recommended the tires, etc.. But now I can hardly stand the sound of his voice. When I hear him I want to puke! Spewing his wacko ultra conservative swill and all the dittoheads licking it up. I think he is dangerous. What is the demographic of his followers? All Male and barely finishing High School, if that. I think he is doing harm to this country. And He speaks for the Republican Party? What a Joke. He's a Joke. An radio entertainer with a Cult following. Is he a paid operative of El Quida? A mad screamer, a FAT RAT that roars.
He knows where his paycheck comes from and milks it all it's worth. Without his dildoheads he is nothing. I hate the SOB!

This country NEEDS Obama. We need Universal Health Care. Obama is the right man for the 21st Century. He can lead us in a new and better direction. The WWII and Vietnam generations belong in the 20th Century along with John McCain. Ours is a New World and Obama is reaching out to it. Limbaugh and McConnell are creatures of the past. Limbaugh is an idiot and Vote McConnell out!
Hardly know what else to say. Michel S. (68 years old)

Ricky Shambles said...

Michael S.- Thanks for your comments. A few more good heads on willing bodies and we'd have a better country! Keep those ideas flowing and get out to make them action.