Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cause for Concern Statistics

Cause for Concern Google Analytics
Yeah, that's hundreds per day...

Hey there loyal readers! I promised some statistics a week or so ago and here they finally are!

(if you are not using Google Analytics yet, do it now. Now I say!)

3,005 Visits have been made to this blog in the last 30 days, putting me at a hair over 100 visits a day. In that time, 2,850 Absolute Unique Visitors racked up 3,555 Pageviews which is 1.18 Pageviews on average which does not surprise us with a 26 second average time on site. 88.59% of my visitors showed up, visited no other pages, and left (bounce rate).

By far, the majority of my visitors came from the Good Ol' US of A at over 88%. But the top 5 after that were Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, France. In the last 30 days people from 74 countries visited these pages.

Top pages continue to be:
Andrew Wilkow My New Pain in the Ass - 16%
G4: Morgan Webb or Oliva Munn - 10%
Whorelore: A Warcraft-inspired Porn Series - 8%
Stephanie Mohr's Appeal: a.k.a. - Money Suckers - 8%
...and the home page - 7%

Traffic split is:

Search Engines 1,798 (59.83%)
Referring Sites 1,069 (35.57%)
Direct Traffic 138 (4.59%)

And of the people using search engines to find me, the top 25 words or phrases people are using to do so are as follows:
andrew wilkow
stephanie mohr
dungeons and dragons porn
glenn beck is a douchebag
glenn beck douchebag
andrew wilkow wife
"stephanie mohr"
olivia munn morgan webb
andrew wilkow show
warcraft pron
bad jesus jokes
bad photoshop
d&d porn
scrabble commercial
lindsay lohan
morgan webb naked
ah teens
jesus dog butthole
cause for concern
glenn beck shirtless
let freedom ring lyrics hannity
baman piderman

(I'm particularly proud of the glenn beck / douchebag juxtaposition)

So perhaps you don't give a shit or perhaps it's just enough to wet your willy and squirt funny-juice all over yourself. Or not.

Either way, I do hope you've enjoyed my stats. If anything changes, I'll let you know.

If you have questions about Google Analytics or any of my stats, please hit me up in the comments. Remember: IRL I'm a web developer.


Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I am anal enough to want to know about this Google Analytical if only to find out if my hits are coming from prisoners or that ex of mine who still mails me a fish on our anniversary.

Ricky Shambles said...

Cal - You've got a blogger, so you've got analytics. Go to

Enter your blog name and they'll give you a snippet of code. Copy that code, go to Blogger, Settings tab, Edit HTML tab and paste that just before the "/body" tag at the bottom.

Within 24 hours, the numbers start rolling in, prisoners, ex, or fish. Cheers!