Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Bad People and the Military: mySpace Trolling for Your Kids

I've been trying to put this post together since 'Nam. And I've come to find that maybe that's an appropriate analogy.

mySpace is the topic of conversation here.

MySpace is great for connecting to people, for letting yourself be found. Granted, there are people out there trying to exploit the open universe of communication, but they're few and far between.

Okay, so they're rampant. But that doesn't mean that it's a bad stage for our society, especially our youth.

The problem we've seen so suddenly is that mySpace is exploding all over the news. mySpace may face legislative crackdown. But why?

Well, it's not because some 16 year old decided to go to Jordan. Although that was bad.

And it's not because of other "predators" hoking down on prepubescent teens, like on NBC's To Catch a Predator.

Although those are concerns, there is one way to avoid any of these horrible things from ever happening: be a parent.

I know, it's an obvious job, since you may already be one. So let me qualify that by saying: Be a responsible parent.

Whining, bitching, "you don't know me" drunken slurrrs aside, parenting is about watching your kids. I have a daughter. I know what she does on the computer. And if parents aren't able to have the resolve to remove the computer from the kid's room (why the hell would you give them that access in the first place???), then at least make the investement to monitor their computer use. Net Nanny is one such solution.

Here's the rant: Parents, get off your asses and watch what the fuck your kids are doing. If you're too lazy to implement technologies or too stupid to do so, your kid (and probably you) should not have a computer in your house. You're a moron. Get on the fucking stick and figure out what's going on in the world. You'd be surprised. If you can't trust them, watch them. If you can't watch them, install a program. If you can't install a program, get someone who does. If you can't get someown who does, throw your computer out the window.


Because the people in Washington, a.k.a. Ted Stevens legislating this stuff are complete morons. The link you just passed is an audio clip of a man who talks about the internet as tubes. And he's the guy you're supposed to trust to make sure you feel safe at night? From anything?

Because if the molestors and the psychopaths and the perverts and the trevreps don't get them, the American Military will. That's right; In lieu of the draft and solid recruiting techniques, the Marines have already infiltrated the hippie landscape, and man, they've got lots of friends. And those friends are all about not making love, but war. I don't mean forces, I mean friends. Thousands of idiot kids have errantly clicked "Accept" on the friend request from the US Military.

Parents: you get it yet? Kids are being seduced daily. By whom? Take your pick.

But if you don't keep an eye on them, they're going to end up dead, in a ditch in Kansas or in a ditch in Iraq.

If it's not a horny 40-year-old trying to pull your daughter into a lifetime of servitude, then it's probably the US Military doing the same thing.

It's just different channels.

Watch your kids. Know what they do. Know who they are talking to.

Otherwise, the military and the molesters win.

And then what kind of world do we live in?