Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Please Vote. Please.

Us on the left may be unhappy with 100% of what's been done. We may be disillusioned with a cavalcade of promises that have yet to be fulfilled. But if we are silent, we let them win. We let Republicans take Congress.

And that is much, much worse than what we have now.

So vote. Tell your friends, warn your families: if Republicans win in November, we all lose.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Aaaaaahhh! Nutjobs!

A sampling of nutters at Glenn Beckology SuperSaviour Amalgamachine.

Thought 1: Hahaha!
Thought 2: OMG these are real Americans, AM Dial myrmidons, and they vote.

*brain explodes*

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Movie Review: I Don't Hate Las Vegas Anymore

Saw this mess on IFC last night and had to watch it. The website says it better than I remember the DVR synopsis:
I Don't Hate Las Vegas Anymore is a real-life documentary comedy about a filmmaker who takes a road trip to Las Vegas with his father and half-brother in an attempt to prove the existence of God. He posits that if God exists, and if God is indeed omniscient, omnipotent and omnibenevolent, then all the filmmaker has to do is roll the camera and let God direct the movie. But the movie isn't going in the direction the filmmaker would like, and so the filmmaker attempts to force God's hand by trying to persuade his father and half-brother to take Ecstasy with him. When they refuse, things quickly start to unravel.

Sounds a little bit fun, huh? Crazy, even! No, not so much.

Spoilers abound, so if you're actually thinking of seeing this, stop reading.

Here's not just the plot but the experience of watching this film - with bullets!
  • Filmmaker whines and pines and is unsteady on his project for 10 minutes
  • Whining and complaining about driving from a bad back-seat angle for 15 minutes
  • Filmmaker whines at his dad for 30 minutes to take the ecstacy
  • Filmmaker takes the ecstacy alone
  • Filmmaker gets high
  • Filmmaker argues with Dad more to find he's taken the ecstacy
  • 15 minutes of meaningful conversation over double-exposed, upside-down film
  • Dad lays down then leaves to gamble
  • Filmmaker whines more
  • Filmmaker's sound chick apparently disappeared because she's an alcoholic
  • Confessionals where everyone's a fucking mess for staying up all night and half-brother is a dick about how bad the movie's going to suck
  • Unnecessary exposition at the end by Filmmaker rehashing the alcoholic sound chick and some family stuff
  • Everything above tinged by "God loves us and wants to make this happen."

Terrible, terrible, terrible. Stay away. Do not want.

And yet if shit like this can get on IFC, my movie-making dreams may come true. At least on cable.

I Need You

(I originally heard this song as a cover and they used "paper doll" instead of "baby doll." Annie is queen, so I won't argue, but I like the lyrical change better.)

Eurythmics - I Need You

I need you to pin me down
Just for one frozen moment.
I need someone to pin me down
So I can live in torment.
I need you to really feel
The twist of my back breaking
I need someone to listen
To the ecstacy I'm faking.
I need you you you

I need you to catch each breath
That issues from my lips
I need someone to crack my skull
I need someone to kiss.
So hold me now
I'll make pretend
That I won't ever fall
Oh hold me down
I'm gonna be your baby doll

I need you you you...
Is it you I really need?
I do I do I do
I really do
I need you...