Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Your Baby (Phone) Can Swear!

Let's take a break from politics and have a delicious laugh, shall we? The guy I got this from on Facebook had it titled "There must be 3 guys in a pub working on stuff like this full time." Absolutely.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Do The Trump Hair Lash! Devil!

While the Colossus of Trump may be attacked directly, his wisps of hair hold the key to his destruction and are grouped and randomly assigned +30 Undead (weakness:fire), +50 Rich (weakness:steal), +20 Vanity (weakness:female attack), respectively.

Trump. Ah, Trump. No runny, no winny. But we already knew that. Everyone did except for the ebb/tide morons (*cough* *tea party*) who cheered him on because they both recognized and remembered his name. Here's how the drama unfolded:

  1. Trump announces he's exploring running.
  2. The right entertains it.
  3. The left finds it entertaining.
  4. Trump goes all batshit Birther.
  5. For the most part, the Fox/Hannity right back him.
  6. The left finds it entertaining.
  7. Trump pushes forward in his Obama callout.
  8. Obama smacks down his birth certificate.
  9. The right kinda edge off a bit.
  10. Trump congratulates himself.
  11. Obama smacks down Trump on CSPAN.
  12. The right aren't really considering Trump a serious candidate.
  13. The left is all "Ooh, snap, bitch!"
  14. Right is all: Okay, so what do we do if he really runs?
  15. Trump says he's not really running.
  16. The left is not surprised.
  17. The right says "It's because of left wing attacks!"

So, "right" you had a horse in the race, then you kinda didn't, then you had a dog in the race, then you thought you might because others weren't looking so good, then Trump bowed out like every sane person knew he would, and now: Liburlz sux!

Anyone surprised?

For anyone making the connection between this conservative absurdity and their call that science is religion for liberals, here's the other end: For conservatives, politics is religion; Republicans are God, Liberals are Satan.

Like God, if a Republican says something and does something else, they're testing us, or testing themselves. They mean to do well and will if given the chance against ...Satan! Liberals won't do a damn thing right and if they do, well they're just trying to seduce you so you die and go to hell.

Luckily, in the conservative world, they can claim ownership over the Bible and the flag and honor neither. Which kind of speaks to the Deceiver.

No wonder everyone's so confused...