Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sexist White Republican Men

Because that stereotype is a bunch of bunk. Right?

Actually, no. Last Saturday Repub asshole males talked over Democratic Party women talking about health care refrom and how it would benefit women. And a couple Republican women got in on the game to show they could be stupid and censor just as much as the Good ol' Boys Club.

5 minutes of Republican censorship and douchebaggery:

Goddamned Ignorant People

From Think Progress:
Alexios Marakis, a Greek Orthodox priest visiting the U.S., got lost in Tampa and tried to stop and ask directions from Marine reservist Jasen D. Bruce. But instead of offering help, “Bruce struck the priest on the head with a tire iron.” The reservist believed Marakis, who spoke limited English, was an Arab terrorist. Bruce chased the priest for three blocks, “and even called 911 to say that an Arabic man tried to rob him.” According to a news release:
“During the chase, the suspect called 911 and claimed an Arabic male attempted to rob him and he was going to take him into custody,” a Tampa Police Department news release states. “When officers arrived, the suspect claimed the man was a terrorist.”
Police arrested Bruce for “aggravated battery with a deadly weapon” and are investigating whether he committed a hate crime.

Stupid is as stupid does. One of my best friends, one of them Aye-talians, fairly olive-skinned, decided to grow out his hair: beard, stache, everything. And some drunk asshole tried to get into a fight with him in a bar, calling him "Fuckin' Taliban." (Truthfully, he did look a little like Sayid Jarrah on Lost.)

So what do Greeks, Italians, and anyone else with non-pasty skin have in common? They'll get attacked by ignorant, racist assholes any day of the week. Even the day before Veteran's Day!

Of course, the same people that talk about Ft. Hood as a terrorist act will blame this idiot's reverse-terrorism hate crime on psychological damage.

Scream with me now: Arrrrrrrghhhhhhhh!

For Fox Sake!

Jon Stewart puts down Fox like the dogs they are.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Other Night...

I was leaving a meeting. It was dark. As I drove down the street, I first saw a pile of something in the middle of the street. Wondering what that was, I was aware of a couple on the side of the street, a woman in the throes of something and a man who was pulling a garbage can out into the middle of the road. As I approached, he waved me on.

I wondered what was going on for a few seconds, and as I passed the garbage can, I looked down to see a small terrier, a tiny dog, lying, lifeless. A large pool of blood surrounded its head on the asphalt.

And I wanted to scream, to jump from my car and yell "What the hell happened?" and "What can I do?" but I just kept driving.

I just kept driving.

I think I know that the poor animal was dead. At least I hope it was.

And the whole drive home, I wondered about the person that hit it: did they notice? did they care?

Eight years ago, my wife's dog was hit on a similar road, and the minivan never slowed down. Unfortunately for her, the dog lived and had to be put down.

But what about that dog? Who would do that?

This post has nothing to do with anything except that I don't know where else to dump my sadness from seeing that dead dog on the street - not a dead dog on the side of the road that you pass at 30 or 50 mph, but a dog that someone was putting a blockade in front of it, so no one would defile that furry body.

It was horrible. It will haunt me for years.

I cannot imagine what people who actually fight in wars go through.

That is all.

Van Mural Wednesday: Calvin & Radical Dude

Because I love you, you get 2 painted vans today. Yay Van Mural Wednesday!

I can understand liking Calvin and Hobbes, draw the line at the pissing and/or praying Calvin sticker, but to paint your van not just all kinds of Calvin & Hobbes, but to dedicate it not only to just Calvin, but one particular Calvin comic?

Batshit crazy.

And this van will eat your ass and the Radical Dude will dance upon your bloody sphincter. Or something like that.

Amazing Terminator 2 Rap

So is T2 one of the best movies ever? Spontaneously generating a top 5 is not something I do, but if I did, I'd have to pop Abyss in there with T2 but can't commit any further.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Deer for Breakfast

No, not venison omelets. Just this:

Love it, sweethearts!

Monday, November 09, 2009

Richard Dawkins Says "Science Is Interesting"

Van Mural Thor!

I missed last week, so this week you get a Monday Van Mural to tease you for Wednesday!

Thor gonna kick your ass with that hammer of his.