Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Dick Morris What?

Ugh, another example of sloppy work from the right in some of the terrible emails I get from their lists:

I'm a well-educated writer with a penchant for a hard edge towards grammar. And I don't know if it was the phrasing (AWK = awkward) or the unnecessary comma, but it took me over an hour to discern what was being said here.

Apparently the translation for "Dick Morris [See is] Armageddon for Dollar" is not "Dick Morris Goes to Dollar Theater to View Bruce Willis in Armageddon" but "Dick Morris Prognosticates the End of the American Dollar." So Dick's a seer of some sort now.

Unfortunately for the seer, "Armageddon" does not mean "the end" or "the destruction" but more of a "final battle" as a reference to an actual place in the Apocalypse of St. John from the Bible. But the Dollar is American; isn't everything American better and stronger and kicks some serious ass over the rest of the world? Why the surrenderist, defeatist language Dick? Don't you believe in and love America? Don't you want to win?

Perhaps it's the scary money that shuffles Dick back into a corner when discussing finances. You see, Dick Morris was the subject of an IRS tax lien for $1.5 million in 2003, and was named on Connecticut’s list of top 100 tax delinquents in 2007, to the tune of $452,367. Oops!

Maybe Dick needs to get out of the business of shucking books or goods or talking on news shows that have anything to do with money forever. Or maybe hair tonic from bald guys is your thing.

But It's MY Wine

Seriously. Don't take my wine.

Van Mural Mural Van?

Does a mural of a van count?

Mural Van

...only if it has a water meter on the side! And a creepy man with flowers.

But this is more like it, curtains (um, bedsheets) and all:


Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Holy Shit I Made Mike Church's Facebook!?

It's true! If you go to Dude's Wall, Cause For Concern's post on Mike Church getting things wrong is listed with a lovely bevvy of his myrmidons commenting on my blog. It's delicious!

Apparently the trite, post-humorous host that swoons his followers with "dude" and words that begin with "über" was bored enough to ego-troll-surf to find a post over 2 years old. Ironically, shouts of "automaton" are spouted by Anynomous goons filtered to this blog by means only meant for silly listeners. I respond to those troll comments in my comment.

Most mentioned nag: I swears too much! OMG!

As with most right-wing readers, they swarm in with ad hominem attacks and fail to address the questions at hand (and those that do are laughable).

As I've said and exemplified many times over: I may bill myself as a Godless Liberal, but spend most of my listening time to the right side of the dial, and not just for sniping and attacking. I actually listen to both sides. The left just makes much more sense the majority of the time.

And my original post of 2 years ago stands: the words he spoke and I heard were either misleading or wrong. Nothing else.

That said, I always enjoy it when my points are proven by the ignorance of the responses. I'm sure I'll get more. Stay tuned!

A Poor-Ass Bombing

I'm listening to the teevee right now.

They are talking about the Times Square Non-Bombing that didn't quite happen yesterday.

Is this a joke? Is it April 1?

Seriously - the goon(s) who set the whole thing up basically tried to use firecrackers to ignite propane tanks that aren't even open and bet on gas canisters to make it go "boom."

The media is (barely) using the word "amateur." I would use the word "retarded." Irish Dancer (my daughter) could probably build a more effective bomb.

My biggest worry is not that the media is reporting the "dangers" of the stupidity of what was going on but what our government is doing right now.

We may be looking at a simple, retarded version of terrorism.

We may also be looking at a retarded version of terrorism that is a purposeful misdirection. Not a good one, but something altogether different.

If I was the US Gov't, I'd be focusing on what comes next, what this might be hiding.

But I'm sure they have plenty of operatives that do that...

Monday, May 03, 2010

Drudge is an Ignorant, Racist Goon

From Matt Drudge's headline site:

Drudge is a Racist

That's right: "They." And by "they" he's referring to all them dark-skinned folk protesting the new law in Arizona.

If you claim to be a media mogul, please don't claim to be completely ignorant of the "they" rhetoric, the "they" that are the minority, the "other," the "under." You are either a moron or a racist. I'm putting my money on both.

And the Right wonders why the "unfair" racist rap?