Friday, September 12, 2008

The Employee Free Choice Act

Here's some delicious from Brave New Films promoting the Free Choice Act.

Love it.

Everyone's Going Totally Apeshit Over Ike! Yowza!

Looks like Ike's going to bring it to Galveston and Houston like he did to Tina, were he in a trajectory of a parallel universe where he could smack one Tina, then the other. Or something. It's going to happen in about 12 hours and it will not be pretty. And I have nothing to say about the "We jus goan hunker down" idiots.

A woman I work with in North Carolina said everyone's going apeshit: gas is up over a dollar a gallon from yesterday, gas lines at every station for blocks, backing up traffic, gas rage, everyone's angry, cats and dogs living together...mass hysteria!

Across the river from Cinci here, Kentucky's governor is evidently seeing a problem, because he's declared a state of emergency, invoking KY's anti-jelly - I mean anti-gouging law.

And I just ran up to the gas station hearing all this (not to feed the madness, only in case we have to make a quick funeral run to Cleveland this weekend), and I topped off at the UDF. There are 4 pumps and there were only 3 cars. No waiting. And gas? At an only moderately unreasonable price of $3.67.

So I ask you: where's my chaos? Where's my drama? Since when was Cincinnati reasonable?


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Barack on McCain's Bounce

Barack Chill Pictures, Images and Photos

From the always-lovely Blue Gal, who stole it from Blue Herald, etc.

One can wish...

Darth Vader Being a Smartass

It's always nice to be reminded of the classics (via Cinematical):

Juneau - Coming Soon

Juneau Poster Pictures, Images and Photos

Not mine: another shout-out to my friend Brent, who found this, who still doesn't think he's got enough to say to have a blog - and therefore gets no link love, his labour, lost. :(

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Lipstick Dipstick

This post goes out to Obama, Biden, McCain, Palin, and any other other poor bastard who loves a colloquialism.

I think Chozick's Washington Wire piece sums it up well:

says the John McCain-Sarah Palin policies don’t represent change, they’re “just calling the same thing something different.”

“You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig,” Obama said during a town-hall style event here Tuesday night.

Now everybody's all sanctimoniously pissed (on the right) because Palin just said:
that the only difference between a pit bull and a hockey mom was lipstick, though the campaign said Obama wasn’t referencing Palin’s comments.

So they think he was attacking her, but if she calls herself a pit bull, it's okay? Then introducing Biden,
Missouri Rep. Russ Carnahan said Palin had “zero experience in national government, zero experience in foreign affairs. There’s no way you can dress up that record, even with a lot of lipstick.”

Oh, shit. Not more lipstick! McCain campaign fires back, calling it sexist, that Palin's the only candidate wearing lipstick, and then...and then Obama's folks uncover
a Chicago Tribune article published in 2007 during the Democratic primaries that cites McCain criticizing Hillary Clinton’s health care plan. “I think they put some lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig,” McCain is quoted as saying about Clinton’s proposal.

This is all nothing more than sanctimonious bullshit. Talk about the issues, hit them on the backgrounds, get a small group together to stop the diarrhea of lies seething through the teeth of the right wing radio machine, but stop this petty tit for tat shit.

It makes me sad for our country to see that the Republicans have only gotten better since John Kerry: better at lying, attacking, and spreading unsubstantiated rumors. That, and the ignorant sponges across the country that sop that swill, is how they win elections.

Verizon Phone Sex One-Hump Chump

From Chicago:
Joseph Vaccarelli, 45, of Nutley, N.J. made approximately 5,000 calls, resulting in 45,000 minutes of call time, Bergen County Prosecutor John L. Molinelli said in a news release.
Do the math and ...wait for it:

Mr. V lasts only 9 minutes without a woman in the room.

Then again, if he's part of the Verizon network, it may have been a speakerphone orgy with him getting a reach-around from the Can You Hear Me Now guy.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Real John McCain v.2

Why doesn't anyone else see this?

Pre-Game Coin Toss Makes Jacksonville Jaguars Realize Randomness Of Life

Pre-Game Coin Toss Makes Jacksonville Jaguars Realize Randomness Of Life

Sarah Palin Dolls - I Mean Action Figures!

Of course you have to call them action figures. If not, all the pressed-suit, white, Republican boys might feel funny about picking one up for the bathtime antics of Palin and the Enormous Penis.

I eagerly await the Palin blow-up doll.

Sarah Palin Action Figure Doll
I want a girl with a short skirt and a loooooong jacket.

Intermittent Posting, Some Wisdom

Sorry about the intermittent posting. It's been an emotional couple of weeks as my grandfather slowly wastes away, now in a bed in his own home. Two days ago, he was down to methadone for medication, edema in the hands, kidneys starting to give out. Any just God would've taken the man already.

But enough of the sad; when he goes, it will be the right time. I can't live as Emotion's punching bag rag doll until it happens. I'll be enough of a mess when it does.

So in the loving vein of Good ol' USA killing dozens of kids in Afghanistan and the right wing of the radio and potential presidential campaign both deriding diplomacy and volunteerism, how about some Dali:

Real peace [is] not just the absence of violence or of war... A mere absence of war is not genuine, lasting world peace. Peace must develop on mutual trust.

-His Holiness the Dalai Lama

How beautiful would the world be if everyone thought that way?