Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Van Mural Wednesday: Bad Luke and Gary Coleman

Let's take a quick look back. Another search term and another batch of vans and - lo and behold! - another Star Wars van!

Star Wars Van

I'm not sure if I'm more sorry that I didn't find this one for the official Star Wars VMW or that I found it at all. Crooked saber, tan Luke, TAN Obi Wan in XSmall hoodie, and a strung out C3PO. The image apparently belongs to Erik's Info Base. He can keep it. This mural makes me sad.

So what can pick you up out of sadness? Cherubs!

Cherub Van Art

Now I don't know who that stunted chickie on the left is, but on the right it is quite obvious that we have a scantily clad Gary Coleman. I'll let y'all figure that one out.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Name N Date: Alberto 1979

It's been a while, so here's how this works: I pick a first name and a year and do a Google Image Search (GIS for you geeks out there). Then I pick the interesting photo or photos I find and make fun of them or give them a photoshop work-over or both. Yay! Ready?

Generally anything circa 1990 or older yields some choice pics. But I was pretty disappointed by "Alberto 1979." Three damn pages went by before I was thoroughly entranced by this man's gaze:

Alberto 1979

Now I had to take an extra few minutes to find this mediocre gem (lesson learned: No more Alberto), and what better way to get revenge on an electronic file for time wasted than by wasting another hour of your time on it? Exactly. And I guess I'm kind of a dick on this one and went way too far, but here's your visual horror rebuilt:

Alberto copped quite the Coppertone glow on that nose-chin of his.

Promise: more clever next time.

On the Fucking Moon

"Digitally Enhanced" video of the moon landing. "Jesus H. Christ in a chicken basket," I laughed until it hurt. Then watched it again and laughed just as hard.