Monday, October 05, 2015

Obama, Iraq, Twitter, and Stupid

Okay, let's do this again.

Last night I saw a stupid tweet. I know, I know, they're ubiquitous. This one said:

I was feeling plucky and thought that maybe - maybe - if someone had just pointed out to him that he was wrong, then he would be enlightened. :P

So, yes, stupid, but reminds me how ignorant America still is about Iraq. So let's review, shall we?

Getting Out of Iraq

Bush started it. Seriously, this is not a blaming thing; it was a good thing. Bush started the negotiations to get us the hell out. Why? Iraq wanted us out.

International Negotiations

Barack Obama is not the only guy, and the US is NOT the only country, despite the idiocy of the talking points of the detractors.

Long story short: Iraq said GTFO. ALL the countries said "Um, okay," with the US saying "Ummmmm, okay."

So we left.


Obama was there when we were leaving. To some detractors and morons, that means Obama pulled out of Iraq. Because the international pull-out resulted in a vacuum, many ignorant people resort to the information in the tweet.

The Facts

We were part of an international coalition. Iraq said GTFO. We did. IF we had stayed, we'd be basically invading a sovereign nation, and subject to the penalties of one nation invading another. We'd be not at war with insurgents, but the nation of Iraq itself - as well as any other nations who thought of or were aligned with the defense of Iraq.

The Troll

Rufus blocked me. I wasn't terrible, but I was rude. He (she?) ran away in the end. And this is what we deal with every day. Every day, ignorant awful spewmouths put forth the day's agenda and talking points. And then block you when you apply intelligence.

That's a part of America that makes me sad. Every day.