Friday, May 09, 2008

Name 'n' Date - Jimmy 1973

Wow, I'm predictable. Last time it was Jimmy 1972 and before I looked back to see what I did last time, I've all of names and time in the world and I chose the same name a year later.

To recap: I type a name and a year into Google Image Search and see what comes up, what inspires me. No Photoshop this time, but I think it's still a worth a look. Captions always encouraged.

Jimmy Bunk 10 1973
Bunk 10 is Not Gay

Jimmy 1973 - Coon Killer
We'll Have Chicken on Sunday
(Note: Someone in this picture was named Toehead. Seriously.)

Jimmy 1973, Trophy
"I totally won the shit out of that."

Achtung! Compulsory Patriotism! I Said Now!

Pledge Wipes

A couple of kids in a "small-town" Jr. High were suspended for not standing during the Pledge of Allegiance. I remember this thing, I think maybe in Jr. High, that they taught: the Constitution. I may be wrong, but it gave us the freedom to speak, even if the Podunk Jr. High says "yous gotta" in the student handbook.

This compulsory idol worship is absurd in that it is part of the reason Brits fled England for a savage wilderness, part of the reason our Founding Fathers started a war against their own governing body. The flag is a fabric representation of all of our freedoms, including the freedom to see it as a piece of fabric.

You do not need to pray to Jesus in church on Sunday morning to believe in God and you certainly do not have to pray to a flag to believe in America.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Terrifying and Awesome Bridge

Sky Bridge in Langkawi, Malaysia

How brave are you? Because from the looks of it, the Sky Bridge in Langkawi, Malaysia will require some guts to gross. That's because this majestic cable-stayed bridge is supported by only one support column as it wraps its way around a mountain a whopping 2,250 feet above sea level.

Base jumping, anyone?

Ooh, and a video:

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Nuns Get None in Indiana

Nun Vote in Indiana

The US Supreme Court said that it was legal to demand picture IDs from voters. Now, a gaggle of nuns have been turned away from the polls. Why? Because they are old and don't have drivers licenses. So they cast a provisional vote. Generally, it's about minorities and the elderly and the poor. Now it's about nuns. Good thing the Government hates Catholics too.

Unless you're Bill Donahue. Then you get your own glory hole.



When I first ran across these yummy, yummy web-based riddles, it was the end of 2006 and they only existed through the second Batch. Now they're up to Batch 6.

Here's the idea: it's like a scavenger hunt completely encompassed in your browser. You will have to dig into some code, some properties, enter things into the address bar, and probably visit the forums for clues to progress from level to level.

It's fucking brilliant. Enjoy.

Monday, May 05, 2008

The Great Dictator

Here's some YouTube Chaplin love for all of us:

Baghdad Disneyland? WTF?

Over at Think Progress, they have a FOX News interview with the contractor tasked with and American-style amusement park. In Baghdad. I can't embed it, but check the link; it's worth it.

They talk about the issues plaguing building an amusement park in Iraq like it's just going up in an economically depressed area. Except it's a war zone. And they're planning it outside the Green Zone, apparently being "fast-tracked" by the Pentagon.

Come to The Baghdad Zoo and Entertainment Experience: Bullets, IEDs, mortars, broken rides, and dead animals! Hopefully your family won't be taken for ransom. But that's part of the Experience!

This is not just the definitive example of lipstick on a pig, but lipstick on a mad, violent boar. We'd be better served to build a "Iraq War Experience" park where the military embeds regular citizens into the war. They'd probably pay more.

What the hell are we thinking?