Saturday, February 13, 2010

Progressive in Short: Right Wrong

This week, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) presented a scaled-back "Jobs Bill." Republicans who had previously stated that the big one wouldn't create a single job switched tune to say Harry was selling out the country and not doing what needed to be done. Is anyone surprised by this?

3/4 of Americans support openly gay people serving in the military. Is this openness and compassion or "at least it's not me" or "kill the fags?" Maybe a mix of all? I personally don't think America's tolerant enough to allow everyone the same rights.

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) is still batshit crazy. I nominate her for VP to Palin in 2012. Oh, what a party that'll be. I'll bring the Jameson.

And, lastly, it appears that the right-wing nutters saying that snow in winter means Global Warming is a hoax are blind to all things Canadian and international. The Winter Olympics start tonight, and Vancouver has to airlift snow in so it can actually happen. Why? Warmest winter on record. I guess that like their breadth and width of knowledge of the world ends at the US borders and of science ends at the end of the day, you tie the two together and not a whisper will be spoken about an international event dependent on snow not having snow because it's too warm. But perhaps one of their coal-shucking scientists can somehow tie it to "Global Cooling."

Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday FAIL: Deniers, Cops, Light Switch Penises?

More Friday Fail. And third week in a row I haven't made it in every day. Ah, well.

Global Warming Denier FAIL

Rachel Maddow and Bill Nye lay out - in plain terms - that the morons on the right like Hannity and Limbaugh and Beck who say that snow in the winter means global warming is a hoax are full of BS, purposefully misleading their viewers and listeners.


Not new, but always funny.

Light Switch FAIL

Many examples of inadvertent penis humor.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Van Mural Wednesday: Rawr! Smart!

I know there's a pussy joke there.

I know there's a pussy joke there.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Politics on Tuesday? Easy: Repubs Are the Danger

At this point, who on the right is still kidding themselves: Republicans are not for actual medical reformation. They never have been. They want to keep their corporate medical sponsors (granted, it's been hard for the Dems with their corp med sponsors too). But the 'Pubs haven't put effort into anything except NOT putting effort into the reform Americans are desperately in need of.

Wait, that's not true. Repubs are putting a great deal of effort into scaring the hell out of the ignorant American populace that the (Obama v. 2.1) USA is going to take over their health care. And KILL US ALL! It's true. Ask Beck or Limbaugh or any of those other conservative ass-clowns who claim an allegiance to a more pure form of American government than the Republicans. And everything Obama does is bad and wrong and is deliberately so. Obama hates America!

So the Democrats have to go and the Republicans who don't get the AM Radio Stamp of WhateverTheFuck (most of them) ALL NEED TO GO. And by fostering that level of ignorant voting rampage, and ignorant Tea Party education, you foster a frenzy-dom of stupidity, a madness of idiocy, all of them suckling on the teat of talk radio like a crack baby on its amphetamine-laced lactation.

Right wing radio: you're right. America is in danger. America is in danger from you. YOU are fostering not an educated populace, but an ignorant one. You are fostering your dream of an oligarchy ruled by madness that fits your version of reality.

You are the danger.

And as disconcerting as it is, I say: Bring it on. Usher Palin into 2012. Kill reform without solutions. We'll be waiting. With facts. And you will lose.

Or America will.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Jesus, Monday Already? Lindsay?

Lohan as the Lord?

Lohan Jesus

And 3...2...1 -

She turns wine into vomit and can barely walk on a waterbed. She calls her privates "fishes and loaves" and can make the cock crow 3 times before sunrise. She only said yes to crucifixion because she wanted to get nailed. She figured "spikes" either meant booze or volleyball and either was cool with her. She's really fond of Simon's Peter. She didn't call Peter "The Rock" for church-buildin'. Three days in a tomb is what she calls rehab. Born from a virgin? Travesty! She one was tempted by Satan, but turned him down because at no point did he address cock, coke, or Skyy. And yes, she was a carpenter; she's likes to work the wood.

Seriously folks. I could do this all night.