Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Sean Hannity and the KY Debacle

Sean Hannity says Kim Davis is being persecuted because she's a Christian. Sean Hannity says Kim Davis is just practicing her freedom of religion. Sean Hannity says Kim Davis could just do something else and be fine.

Sean Hannity is an assclown. Sean Hannity is WRONG on every count. Sean Hannity needs to stop making his listeners more ignorant.

Kim Davis has a job. Kim Davis didn't do her job. Kim Davis stopped those under her from doing their jobs. All because of "religious freedom."

Which is bullshit. "But she had a change in her job description!" Bullshit. Kim Davis has one job description: do your job as it pertains to the law. The law changed. Her job changed. If she doesn't like it, she can quit.

Sean Hannity is catering to the lowest of the most ignorant of AM radio listeners. He regularly lets callers speak stupid to his audience and has more than once purposefully spread misinformation long after it was debunked.

Sean Hannity is a cause for concern. Listen often. You'll hear the heartbeat of the crazy.