Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Glenn Beck Can Get You Hanged

Just reported: Census worker hanged with "fed" scrawled on his chest.

I don't have the time or heart to talk about this now, except to say that I live 10 minutes from the KY border and both my wife and I were going to do work for the census and the ONLY person I've heard screaming out that the Constitution-based program is a shill for Obama Control and a homeland terror on our freedoms was Glenn Beck.

At what point do we say the damage is enough? At what point does someone who claims such nobility see this happen and say "sorry; I fucked up by pushing idiots and this is what we get?"

Bad Religion - Superman

Despite what the label says, the song's called Superman. And years later, still my favorite BR tune.

Van Mural Wednesday on Wednesday? You Don't Say!?

This is gonna trip you out...

Trippy Bus

And I could easily sit and poach for the next 3-4 months, but I'm going to give credit where credit is due and tell you to visit the Psychedelic Blog where someone has brilliantly compiled almost 50 such painted wonders. This was simply my favorite. The singing mushrooms (on the other site) would scare me if I saw that van for real.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hello There! More to Love!

I recently noticed we've got some new hangers-on and Cause For Concern is up to a delicious 27 followers. Yay! (Sorry to anyone who thought this was a post about chubby chasers.)

Say hello to Brian Sarrasin, (parenthetical)(who was already on my roll), Hill's Country, ALPHAVILLE, Calvin's Nuggits of Wisdom (not to be confused with Calvin's Canadian Cave of Coolness), and Life With Dogs.

I think that's everyone, and all have been added to the Linktastica! on the right. If I missed you, please deliver proper spanking.

Will Ferrell, Others, Stand Up for Insurance Companies

Monday, September 21, 2009

In Short: Why No Jury Duty for Me?

I've been a registered voter for 14 years. Yet while my sister-in-law has been picked for jury duty 5 times in that time, I have yet to get one call or mail notice. Mrs. Shambles received one a few years ago that turned into "You don't need to show up tomorrow."

So how do we get to serve our civic duty?