Friday, January 29, 2016

Trump and the End of the Current Right Wing

I've never seen it before. Or heard it, I should say. I listen to local guy Brian Thomas, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and many others on a daily basis, and for the last few years, it's a very direct, right-wing talking point script: Obama bad, Hillary bad, America in ruins, Christian persecution, etc. I could hit Brian Thomas in the early morning and if I happened upon Limbaugh or Hannity at some time during the rest of the day, the talking points and formula was the same; they were literally getting all their material and opinions from the same websites like Drudge or National Review.

It was incessant, predictable, and obvious. But then Trump joined the race, and I truly enjoy the madness that has followed. The script has changed. Every local show is looking for the angle and not quite sure where to go based on the differing views of the bigger names. And the RNC is going through the same mess. The convention is going to be a circus - and it's right here in Ohio.

Here's a quick overview on the strange split in the AM talk show hosts' opinions.

Brian Thomas

Brian leans a little nutty and grabs onto outlier talking points at times, but he's not hard to listen to. Brian is all conservative, and he is not in for Trump. An interaction on his show from yesterday tells it all:

BT: You're on, go ahead

Call: You're all backwards, man. You're just mad Trump's going to build a wall and send the bill to Mexico and fix America.

BT: Well, that's you're opinion.

Call: Yeah, you're all backwards.

BT: I never addressed Trump on immigration except to ask about the logistics of it: how is he going to build a wall and get Mexico to foot the bill? I'm just looking for a substantial answer.

Glenn Beck

Glenn's insufferable, sanctimonious, and awful at times, but can be entertaining, especially when he's dumping on Trump.

Glenn, by his own report, has never endorsed a person for POTUS. He has now endorsed Ted Cruz because he not only doesn't like Trump, but he thinks Trump is outright dangerous for our country. He is now daily bringing out every awfulness about Trump, things I haven't even heard from liberal voices, and if he becomes the nominee, the Democratic Party has only to look at his archives for every dirty bit to attack him with.

Today, he threw out a Hitler bone on unqualified but strong and feeding a need from the people.

I have to say I kind of agree with Glenn Beck on this one.

Rush Limbaugh

Dude's old, weak, and it scrambles my brains to listen. He spends just a little more time swearing he's not in the bag for Trump than he spends explaining how Trump is winning and he respects the guy. He also respects Cruz, and Rubio, and ...

Limbaugh is on the fence so hard he has ass splinters. He doesn't want to offend anyone, will not commit, and wants to play nice and objective, but he's got a bit of a Trump bug if you listen for more than 20 minutes.

Sean Hannity

I honestly do not know how he speaks through 3 hours of radio and 1 hour of television every day with Trump's cock that far down his throat.

Hannity is a goddamned Trump Worshiper. Church of Trump. If you could register Trump in the primaries, he'd jump on it. He's riding the Trump Train, the Trump Pony, and the Trump Wave all at once. He probably has Trump sheets and curtains and a Trump throw on his couch.

I don't like Hannity. I don't even respect what he does in any way. I am embarrassed for him and his family. I don't know if Trump is paying him under the table, but the fawning and pawing and exaltation makes it a serious question, and his claims that he hasn't made up his mind between Trump and Cruz false on its face.

Hannity is somehow an even sadder man than I thought possible.

So that's the roundup. If you've heard any others mention Trump, feel free to comment. The man is a monster and he's made it this far.

I'll be posting all next week on different aspects of this run and the terror of Trump. Next up? Trump the Bully