Friday, July 06, 2012

Godless Customer Sues Jesus Restaurant

This is a little more "take a look and discuss" because it's got so much mess behind it.

Here's the gist:
A Manheim Township man has filed a discrimination complaint against a Columbia restaurant that offers a 10 percent discount for diners who present a church bulletin on Sundays.

John Wolff, who is an atheist, filed the complaint with the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission against Prudhomme's Lost Cajun Kitchen in Columbia.

Wolff said the practice discriminates against him because he does not attend church.

So here are the questions that come up in my head:
  1. Is this actually discrimination?
  2. Do you think there is a limitation to the type of "church bulletin?"
  3. If my church is watching the sun rise, would the owner accept a picture of said sunrise?
  4. So no one likes atheists, but how do "real" religion people like Muslims participate? The Jewish Population?
  5. Would it be a little clearer if the owner offered 20% to Baptists, 15% to Protestants, 10% to Catholics, 5% to practicioners of Judiasm, 0% to Muslims?

That last question is what it boils down to for me. You get a discount for a belief system. Why not graduated tiers?

What do you think? Discrimination, or fair use as ownership of an establishment?

Monday, July 02, 2012