Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sheriff Joe's AZ Presser: Obama's Birth Cert is FAKE! (No, really, still, totally fake)

Holy Jeebus. Yesterday, I watched the Sheriff Joe Arpaio's press conference. Old Man Bigot started it off and quickly transitioned to the lead investigator who blabbed and blabbed and played a video no one could hear and blabbed and video and blabbed again.

Did you know that when Obama was born the law in Hawaii allowed for a legal resident to report a birth and have it recorded as legal? Therefore: Obama is a Kenyan!

Did you know that doctors in Hawaii didn't want to speak with and divulge private medical information to shady, mustachioed investigators from Arizona? Therefore: Obama is a Kenyan!

Did you know that there's a 95-year-old woman in Hawaii who's really sharp and remembers some stuff about some numbers on birth certificates? Therefore: OBAMA IS A KENYAN!

That's how the whole thing went, and with the Q&A it was over and hour and they kept saying "proof" and "evidence" but all it was was circumstance and conjecture - and many thousands of Arizona taxpayer dollars wasted. All because some racist Sheriff doesn't think a black man should be president.

America! Fuck yeah!