Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rick Perry Will Tear Your Soul Apart

As Rick Perry bows to the conservative money machine, lies about jobs and everything else, and slowly sells his soul to earn what is totally looking like the full-frontal Republican nomination for 2012, I post this lovely 'shop o mine to celebrate the fact that I just realized I have 666 images uploaded to Photobucket in my Blog album - and it just happens to coincide with Rick Perry getting his own tag here on CFC.

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Colin Powell's Totally Black

Colin Powell is this week's whipping boy, and I mean that totally in a race-related way. See, Dick Cheney released his book this week in which he misremembers and revises recent history in order set the record crooked should the small amount of evil still keeping him alive dissipate and leave him an unanimated corpse before long.

So he apparently takes some cheap shots at Powell because under the Bush administration, Boy didn't quite know his place and sometimes spoke up against Massa Bush or Massa Cheney. And so Powell, this weekend, said Cheney was taking cheap shots.

Ooohh, no, Coli, don'ts a-bee talkin' that strooong talks!

Seriously, the result of this single statement has the entirety of right wing radio Murica blasting the hell out of Colin Powell - not on the merits of anything he said, grant you, but on the fact that he said anything.

And what did race-baiting, foreign-boy-viagra-banging, blubber-puss Rush Limbaugh have to say? That Powell will vote for Obama again because "melanin is thicker than water."

I shit you not.

I don't need to say it because you're already seeing it: this election is going to be the ugliest many of us have ever seen in our lives.