Friday, April 27, 2007

Photoshop Love: Blue Gal Contest, Round 2!

Okay, Round 2 of Blue Gal's Contestation with the McCain picture.

Check out the last post, if you haven't seen it, for the original photo, concept.

I was feeling a little Dickens, or Dick Cheney I should say. Whole lotta Bah Humbug goin' on!

McCain Marley
Click for bigger. All the cool kids are.

But McCain as a professional actor? Well, that's just...

Mickey's Christmas Carol


Okay, okay, so to bring this train to its proverbial yet inevitable wreck:

McCain's Xmas Carol

This is where I get off...

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Photoshop Love: A Contest! A Contest!

I was perusing the world of Blue Gal today and found the McCain Photoshop/Caption Contest. Yummy.

We start with this image:

McCain WOW


And I finally settled on one.

Meet Emo John:

Emo McCain WOW

Emo John is sad. The world hurts so much. He hurts so much. Sometimes he cuts himself just to feel. It's hard - so hard - running for president when there's so much pain in the world.

And I saw that it was good.

But why so surprised, Emo John? Why the look of awe and wonder? What makes someone who dwells in the deepest depths of suffering say "Wow!"

And while Blue Gal doesn't have an animated portion of the contest, I felt Emo John needed some impetus behind that gawking maw:

Emo McCain WOW Story

And that's my story.

I may make an update or two depending on my available Photoshop time before the deadline.

UPDATE: Round Two is Here.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

No Cable, No Popcorn, No Patience

Fuck Time Warner in the ass with a white-hot, rusty, steel-splintered crowbar. Yes, the rounded side is wider and turns into a hook out the out-stroke! Yay pain!

This morning, I noticed the cable wasn't working. The internets is alive and breathing somehow through the same cable line, but none of the bright-flashy-stare-thingy TV. So tonight I miss Jericho. Tonight I miss Bill Moyers. Tonight (snizzleshit!) I miss Lost.

And this whole process would be much more serene with one less agitation: Our phone number is one digit from the cable company's phone number. As I'm sitting here, stewing in not being connected to a couple of my TV shows, I get to tally up almost 20 phone calls "Um, is this Time Warner?" "Yes. You and all the other thousands of idiots ringing the cable company will get busy signals until, one time, they answer. And they will say 'hello.' No, retard. Wrong number." No, I never actually said that. But I could. I only need wait another ten minutes.

Funny level 2 (in the past) is when they ring the house, no one's home, and they hear "Hey, you've got Ricky, [Mrs. Shambles], and [Rickina]. Please leave a message." And I hit the button when I get home and hear "Yeah, my cable's been out for about four hours. When you gonna get the trucks out here? Call me back!" High larious. Almost makes me forget about crowbars and asscheeks.

So in lieu of actual content, I guess I can give a local commercial since I've been bulking up the Bad Business blog next door.

I give you Frank Myers Auto Maxx.

Weep for our children.

Crap, I gotsta go. Phone's ringing.

Bill Moyers: Buying the War

It's popcorn time! Tonight at 9pm EST, Bill Moyers Journal showcases how the media was complacent in selling the war to us, how, exactly, we bought into it, and how we're still getting sucked in.


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Save the Radio on the Internets!

The RIAA's at it again, trying to squeeze blood from a stone, not quite realizing that by raising royalty rates so damn high that no one can pay them, no one will pay them and stream on the sly or just stop. That means less - not more - money. Douchebags.

I recently put this little piece of love into the left column:

It's my first ad, and they're not even selling anything!

Why do I care? Besides the fact that they're a bunch of douchebags, I maintain what hold I have on sanity while at work through Pandora.

And it really will die. The fee structure is scheduled to go into effect on May 15th, 2007. It will be retroactive from January 2006. I can't even imagine the fees. I can imagine the RIAA rubbing their sweaty little carny hands together, drooling over the prospect.

I'm not selling anything either. Check out the info at Contact congress. Get a banner. Get the RIAA out of internet radio so they can go back to suing 12-year-old girls.

This is important.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Christ on a Bun! American Family Association: WTF?

It's a two-fer; CoaB and WTF!

I haven't officially done the WTF Award thing lately, but the American Family Association gets that today. Pulled from Think Progress today, these "idealists" (Common causes: Put the Jesus in school, God hates fags) are blaming all school shootings on the fact that we don't have the Ten Commandments as required viewing, that "satanic" music is popular.

And they made a movie.

Watch this. Know what the opposition to a free-thinking society actually thinks. Get motivated.

I think it started when Madalyn Murray O'Hair complained she didn't want any prayer in our schools. And we said "Okay."

...or, as it may be better known, "In 1960, Madalyn Murray O'Hair said required readings of the Bible in public schools was wrong. We fought her tooth and nail. The Supreme Court of the United States said we were retards." (Good job on the AFA stealing the Wikipedia pic.)

The AFA ends this video with the idea of reaping what you sow.

They are sowing ignorance, bigotry, idolatry (worship the "top 10" stones, not the god), and overall separation from reality.

Get your Armor-of-God Faith Shields at the ready.

Crazy Jesus PJ's

That's a hail of intolerant bullets waiting to happen.

God Bless America.