Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ann Coulter's a Moron, But You Knew That

Ann Coulter is a moron. Read from one of her recent bullshit email spooges about repealing the 26th Amendment:
Adopted in 1971 at the tail end of the Worst Generation's anti-war protests, the argument for allowing children to vote was that 18-year-olds could drink and be conscripted into the military, so they ought to be allowed to vote.

But 18-year-olds aren't allowed to drink anymore. We no longer have a draft. In fact, while repealing the 26th Amendment, we ought to add a separate right to vote for members of the military, irrespective of age.

Is she seriously saying that our military should automatically get to vote because they're in the military? Yes, she is.

That's the equivalent of saying shoemakers should be allowed to vote at 16. NOTHING about being in the military makes one more qualified than another to vote, any more than IQ, BMI, or HDL.