Friday, May 11, 2007

Double Weak Rush Bash Freaks Out Wingnuts

This is from the Baltimore Sun.

The skinny: Robert Murrow of the Department of Public Works told The Sun about a vandalized Rush Limbaugh billboard. He said "It looks great. It did my heart good."

Rut-roh. The goose-stepping multitudes of EIB automatons immediately sensed the red light flashing in their heart chamber. [Alert! Vandalism of Rush billboard! Public figure condones it!] Some blogged. Some called. City hall fielded many calls and Robert's boss yelled at him. Bad boy.

The bigger story here is the act of vandalism:

Rush Billboard Photo by Karl Merton Ferron

How. Fucking. Weak.

They splashed four colors of paint on a billboard. It's not even clear if it was someone who even disliked Rush or just someone who found extra paint laying around in the shed after eight Blatz and a pull of Wild Turkey. What the hell?

Quality vandalism should have a message. If you're going to deface a Rush Billboard and do not have the time or intelligence to make a poignant political statement (i.e. a background mural with a 12-year old Dominican child prostitute and Viagra), at least have the decency of a fourth grader:

Historically accurate devil horns and beard

What? Don't even have that much time? There's the always-classic phantom penis in the vicinity of the mouth:

Historically accurate phantom penis

This is an example of half-assed defacement. Just think what you could do with your whole brain. Please practice safe and thoughtful illegal political activism.

Uncle GrumpyDick: No Love to al-Maliki

They planned it that way.

Cheney Condi Rice Batman
(click for bigger)

It's a bird (is it bombing us?)! It's a plane (is it bombing us?)! Oh, shit, it's worse; it's the Vice President of the United States.

Vice President Dick Cheney dropped in on Baghdad this past Wednesday, unannounced (Surprise, surprise!). unkl_grumpyDick41 (a.k.a. lonelygirl16) immediately berated the Prime Minister of Iraq, Nouri al-Maliki, from an undisclosed bunker via IM:
unkl_grumpyDick41: ur so not going on vacation
pm_almaliki50: doodz, my peepz need vacation. how bout hello?
unkl_grumpyDick41: um, ur fightin a war?
pm_almaliki50: you so started it, dick
unkl_grumpyDick41: imho, your in charge lol
pm_almaliki50: why the lolz?
unkl_grumpyDick41: im in charge, douchebag
pm_almaliki50: don't start, gD. you did this. i want fly fishing
unkl_grumpyDick41: were you goin fly fishin?
pm_almaliki50: wit u?
unkl_grumpyDick41: love you, man
pm_almaliki50: love you two
unkl_grumpyDick41: but no f****n vacation
pm_almaliki50: dick
unkl_grumpyDick41: you know it
pm_almaliki50: one day i'll make you a muslim
unkl_grumpyDick41: satan sayz no
pm_almaliki50: satan said dance
unkl_grumpyDick41: dood!!!11!! I luv clap your hands
pm_almaliki50: good shit
unkl_grumpyDick41: good shit
pm_almaliki50: so no vaca?
unkl_grumpyDick41: nada
pm_almaliki50: shiznit
unkl_grumpyDick41: wherez the vaca comin from anyway?
pm_almaliki50: from you, dad, i learned it by watching you!
unkl_grumpyDick41: omg lmao rofl
pm_almaliki50: lolz
unkl_grumpyDick41: l8r
pm_almaliki50: l8r

Maybe, if this scenario were true, maybe, if there were IMs floating around the Green Zone with jovial misspellings in spite of horror unimaginable outside the walls, there would be lolz.

We wonder why there's no peace in Iraq?

No lolz.

Support our troops. Support lolz.

And impeach the insurgents living in Washington, D.C.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Truth Blocked in Congress About War Profiteering

So angry...can't speak...

The video on war profiteering Republicans don’t want you to see
Progressive film director Robert Greenwald is scheduled to testify at a hearing on Thursday, May 10 about war profiteering. He requested to show a few minutes of one of his films, but Republicans blocked his request. Here’s what Congress won’t see:

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Guantanamo's Cultural Legacy

This was posted in February, but seemingly has had very few hits. I ran into it doing some searching on a Grumpy Dick piece I'll be posting tomorrow (and yes, the Hannity Shenanigans is also on its way).

Has it been 5 years already? Lest we forget.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Boycott Gas Boycott on May 15th

Gasoline cartoon

Gas has topped $3.00 nationally and is bumping $3.40 in Washington state. And we keep drinking it down, shrugging our shoulders with a "Whatchagonnado?" grimace on our face. Unfortunately, there are still some asshats out there that believe that by not purchasing gasoline for one 24 hour period (May 15th this year), the public will be able to affect gas prices, sending a "message" to big oil.

It's bullshit. And here's the Snopes definitive review of the topic to prove it.

Main point of the argument? By not buying gas for one day (especially with people stressing "you can top it off the night before"), you are not buying less gas. You are still patronizing the gas companies. You are still buying the gas you normally would, just not on that day.

You really want to effect change? How about a driving boycott? By finding an alternate method for transportation for one day, you would be actually accomplishing what many think is happening on the gas boycott day. You would not be using gas that day (or at least a smaller amount in terms of public transportation).

But that's not enough. If we want to stop this disaster we have to make gasoline less valuable than it is now. We do that by cutting our consumption across the board: ride your bike, carpool, take a bus. For real. You have a job an hour away? Get a closer one. Don't have a bike? Buy one.

If you are unwilling to make changes in your life to help the environment and stem the "fat kid wants cake" mentality of consumption we have in this country, what do you expect to change outside of yourself? Bitching about it is not going to hack it. Get off your ass and do something.