Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Shake Weight for Men

This is ...real? I can see how it might.... But the frantic, two-handed action is.... Just watch, I guess. :-S

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Yay More Followers! Say Hello!

I'd like everyone to say hello to BookSteve (BookSteve's Library) and MonogramGirl (A Nantucket State of Mind), two new followers who have joined the ranks of Linktastica! and received a sweet follow-back from me.

The boobs icon is a fake, spammy person and while I do enjoy the female form, will be removing them (if I can?). But that will drop me below 30! Tell your friends to stop by!

A special thanks to all my readers and followers - I've only been doing this this long because of you.


Hate: Now in Green, Always Available in Stupid

Religion, guns, and golf clubs? This showed up on the 18th green at a Boston area country club.

(And somehow the assbags @ Photobucket say THIS image violates their TOS)

Note to vandals: as opposed to devouring the verbal diarrhea of the right wing like so much slop out of a trough, do some studying on your own, learn what Nazism actually was, and for the love of all things holy learn the proper layout of the swastika.

Because today not only is the Secret Service looking for you, but when they find you, the whole world will be able to put a face to "moron."

Monday, October 12, 2009

In Short: Sean, Stop the Religion BS

Sean Hannity: Please stop trying to debate religion. With anyone. You sound like an asshat, quote scripture at a bare random affiliation with something a caller just said and then warp it out of context and then, when someone directly quotes another part of the Bible, word for word without interpretation, you say "I think you're misinterpreting that." But according to you and other Christians, the Word is the Word.

Caller: "Jesus gave his life - "
Sean: "And I appreciate that but..."

What a tool.

Columbus Day

Columbus was not here first. Vikings certainly and arguably the Chinese were here way before. But when he did come, he and his men and other explorers did horrible things to the natives of every place they landed.

I agree - we need an Indigenous Peoples' Day.