Friday, August 14, 2015

Black People Scary

This article showed up on my FB feed today.

Dozens of heavily armed Black Panthers rallied at a Texas jail Wednesday to protest the jail cell death of Sandra Bland — and oinked their anger at police.
About 25 demonstrators led by the New Black Panther Party marched in the two-hour protest.

Well, shit, I guess that could be pretty intimidating.

Wait..."About 25?" Okay, I suppose that technically is more than one dozen, though "dozens" brings up a much larger picture in my head.

But "About 25?" Maybe they were jumbled about and a little unruly and therefore difficult to count. Maybe all the guns and other weaponry was getting in the way. Let's go to the video!

The video shows what's really going on here. 13 Black Panthers, less than half with a firearm, were peacefully protesting without incident.

Which shows what's really going on here. In a conservative rag, the only time you'll ever see an OVERestimation of how many African Americans are gathered for protest is reporting on the Black Panthers. This is a NY Daily News report using a Brietbart video, sensationalizing a story and outright lying about who was gathered and what they were carrying.

Black People Scary. That's the conservative race card. The real story is the tragedy of Sandra Bland's death. But conservative media is more than happy to twist it into the subversive and disgusting narrative that white folks should be scared. There are radical blacks out there, toting weapons, probably coming to your neighborhood tomorrow. That is institutionalized, conservative racism. And nothing less.