Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Foley: So Folds the Right Wing on Crime

In my last post (good lord, so long...), I was writing about how not only predators, but the military too, were trolling for your young. Apparently Congress was so put off by the exclusion that they had to leak some info, had to be included.

While I try not to delve into partisan politics here (Think Progress, Crooks & Liars, and Kos could eat me alive), this fits into a Cause for Concern. In this case, utter outrage.

Out of the loop? Get out of the cave.

Rep. Mark Foley (R-Fl) has been a bad, bad man. He sent naughty emails to a 16 year old page. Oh yeah, and creepazoid is 52!!!

So Foley's trying to right himself. He steps down and resigns. He checked into a rehab clinic. For Alcohol. Okay, this already won WTF Award as soon as I started typing, but ...WTF? For alcohol? How about the kiddie porn? How about the pedophilia? No dice.

Oh, and now - this very minute - the predator is pulling a Jimmy Bakker on us. Please forgive me! Apparently, he was molested as a child. (I call Catholic!) That poor bastard. If I didn't hear Rove whispering in the background, it might almost sound genuine.

Wasn't the problem booze?

But he was a borderline problem that was simply kept under wraps and maybe it was the encouragement and perhaps the control offered by the other members of the house that really kept him from showing up on To Catch a Predator.


Not even close.

Hastert thinks it's a conspiracy, Tom Reynolds (R-NY) surrounds himself with kids to avoid anything meaningful, and everyone else thinks "That's what gay people do."

Allow me a moment:


This is a mess of opportunity, a mess of media, and a mess of humanity. The biggest phrase in the Foley world is "sexual scandal," but the problem is not that it is a scandal based on sexuality or a scandal based on sex in general. The problem is that he broke the law and was one step from showing up at the house for To Catch a Predator.

This should be called a sexual crime.

A Crime! It's not a damn scandal, but someone who meant to meet with and had online sex with a minor.

Looking for the one you love is one thing. NAMBLA is another.

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