Friday, July 11, 2008

Gramm's "Whiners" Video

If you haven't seen Phil Gramm's (John McCain's super-buddy) saying that nothing is as bad as everyone says it is, that America is a nation of whiners, here you go (yay America Blog!) -

I keep hearing that from Rush too. Why is it that rich, white Republican nutters have absolutely no awareness of the trouble middle and lower class folks are having?

Because they're rich and do not have to associate with - let alone talk about - the proletariat. The only solace is that when we hear them talk we can hear America collectively sigh and reply "what a fucking moron."

Clarity: I'm not mad at the rich, but frustrated with the laissez-faire, let-them-eat-cake attitude and the cognitive pattern of a 3 year old that says "I'm fat and happy so everyone must fat and be happy! Let's clap!"

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