Monday, March 03, 2008

Andrew Wilkow: My New Pain in the Ass

(Actually, it's more like my new aneurysm.)

As I've mentioned repeatedly, I listen to the right wing radio folks because, well, it's important to know what they're up to (e.g., Rush Limbaugh is pushing for Republicans to vote for Hillary Clinton tomorrow, March 4th [all primaries are some form of "open"], to keep the competition going and force a crippling rift in the Democratic party with no majority at the convention.)

I thought I'd been seasoned by Limbaugh and Hannity, tempered by Savage and Levin, but Mrs. Shambles got me Sirius Radio for my birthday (*kiss*) and with it came something I was not prepared for: Andrew Wilkow.

The first time I listened to The Wilkow Majority on channel 144 (Noon - 3pm), I could only listen intermittently. After two weeks, more often than not I can make it through all 3 hours. I don't know if the show is more audacious because Wilkow's trying to prove he's one of the big boys or because he's on uncensored radio, but when he's done at 3 and Sean Hannity comes on, I am tremendously relieved; it's like I can breathe again.

Why is Andrew Wilkow burnin' my biscuits? Some of the stuff is the same: Global warming is a sham (featuring "Stop Global Whining" by the Right Brothers), and liburlz r devuls, and general ignorance spouting like Hey, Nazism is a left wing thing and we want to take Israel dry so Repubs can't even be racist; Democrats don't care about the Blacks. But that's just a paraphrase.

Today's rantings were especially egregious and prompted the post because of two things. Let's start with the quote while talking about ethanol:
Mexicans can't afford their tortillas anymore. ...guess they'll just have to eat Wonder bread like the rest of us.
Who the fuck talks like that?

The other notable remark was the automobile ignorance that I thought died ten years ago: 'Merican cars are made in America and if you buy foreign cars, th'r takin' r'jobs! This is such bullshit. Specifically, Andrew was talking about how an Obama sticker on a foreign car is an oxymoron because he makes sure all his stuff is American-made, blah-blah, self-aggrandizing autoerotica.

The truth is that it is impossible to find an "American" car in which all the parts of that car are manufactured and assembled in America. And if you're talking just about the actual assembly of the vehicle, let's talk about Toyota for a second, where plants are located in Huntsville, Alabama; Georgetown, Kentucky; Princeton, Indiana; San Antonio, Texas; Buffalo, West Virginia; and a new one being built in Blue Springs, Mississippi. Heck, some of those are actually shipped back over to Japan! So there are clearly plenty of "foreign cars" that are manufactured and assembled right here in the good old USA.

And I'm sure there is more ignorance to follow, more thinly-veiled bigotry to come, and more reasons for me to pop a Motrin or two in the middle of the afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Get a clue man. Seriously you sound like a typical lib with your head up your ass.

Ricky Shambles said...

Ooh, you know what I like? Non-constructive trolls. Keep it comin' and thanks for reading the blog!

Anonymous said...

Oh man I cannot even listen to sirius left at all. That's too much whining, I have never heard such babies whine on and on. To be fair, Mark Levine has that same whiny shrill, and I do like Ed Schultz a lot.

I like Wilkow because of his ability to explain things well. I might not agree with all of his views, but his reasoning is certainly sound. I find his show very entertaining.

I lean conservative, but certainly don't call myself a Republican. I like to make my choices based on all info from as many angles as possible.

Ricky Shambles said...

To a certain extent, I can agree with your perception of Sirius Left - I've popped over a few times and ended up listening to Lynn Samuels, which is like an aural pine cone colonic. I stick to Patriot and FOX to hear what they're saying and how they're saying it and they generally don't agree with me. And I, too, like Wilkow because, while I rarely completely agree with him, unlike Limbaugh or Savage, he's rarely - if ever - just plain wrong or making things up.

Thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

I thought american corporations, were america, hired american workers, were based in america and paid american taxes... even hold rights like americans... Parts are made out of the states and assembled out of the states because of cheaper wages outside of the states... I guess I was wrong... your right long live castro and such.

But dont worry there is a bill in congress to censor talk radio... but censorship would never pass in a lib congress and house... "or would it?" isn't Al and tipper Gore libs? naaah libs would never sponsor a censorship bill.

Anonymous said...

I've listened to Wilkow and sent him a few e-mails on MySpace. I tore him a new one three times and, in all seriousness, the guy's a complete tool. He's just like every other conservative mouthbreather: hypocrite, blatherer and he uses things when they suit his purpose and discard them (thinking no one notices) when they don't.

He's an asshat of the highest order.

Atl Sam said...

Yeah, I'm with you, Wilkow is a complete idiot. You got to give him one thing, he knows what drives ratings. Loud, obnoxious ignorance! People loves pessimism. We aren't happy until we hear something negative about someone else. Gossip is the hottest thing to hit the media. They know people will tune in. I get through Wilkow's show in about 3-5 minutes when I call in. They put me right through because they know I'll start an argument. He uses no logic to defend his point (well unless you consider the "uncommon" sense he claims is sound reason. Unfortunately I to listening to him because it gives me something to rant about with my friends. He is a piece of work. I really wish I could get him one on one in a back alley somewhere and I'll really show him what America was built on. HARD KNOCKS!!!

Ricky Shambles said...

samuel - they love pessimism, and they love arrogance ("I'm right, they're wrong!").

Thanks for the comment.

Anonymous said...

"samuel - they love pessimism, and they love arrogance ("I'm right, they're wrong!").

Thanks for the comment."

Sounds like the Republicans should be in love with Obama then, right?

Anonymous said...

This is what makes America great, Freedom of Speech. I can call you a moronic Lib and you can call me a racist conservative but really, is common sense totally void in the mindset of a liberal

Ricky Shambles said...

"This is what makes America great, Freedom of Speech."

You are correct, sir or madam! It also means that someone can undercut their own credibility by being unable to construct a complete sentence and then squash any semblance of what is left like so much conservative glurge by being too much of a coward to put their name on the comment - and still feel smug about it.

Thanks for being a great example of What Not To Do To Be Taken Seriously, and thanks for the comment!

Anonymous said...

and yet just more reasons here on why I ditched the whining bitches on the left for the education of the RIGHT! thanks to guys like Wilkow and Hannity for spreading the truth about this country instead of crying like a bitch about it.

Ricky Shambles said...

See response to anonymous idiot above.

Anonymous said...

Ricky: your left-wing nonsense is every bit as non-sensical and non-constructive. Go take another Motrin and try again.

Shelby Dooby said...

I love this blog entry - even though I am a conservative. Very funny stuff! I can agree, but on the same note, I absolutely enjoy the majority of conservative talk show hosts I hear because the cut through the b.s. and cream filling. You're NOT the 'typical lib'. Why? Cause you care to listen to the Right shows. To me, that shows that you're open to opinions. Rock on dude! p.s. yay for Palin!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dear God,

I pray that people will stop putting posts up like this:

"obama SUX!"

or this:

"~obama rox!!!!~"



Thank you God.

Now that I have finished my prayer...

American people (as a general rule) fairly ignorant about WHY they like what they like. This is why you and I both can sit and listen to someone and completely discount them because of an idiosyncrasy or a speech impediment.

With that out of the way, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AND ALL THINGS GOOD...

EVERYONE please educate yourselves. If you don't like Andrew Wilkow, have a good reason. If you don't like liberal radio, have a good reason.

"They sound whiny" is, for future reference, the reason a dog would not like to listen to something.

See, we are gifted with the ability to REASON. Congratulations, you have surpassed the abilities of dogs!

So. I listen to Andrew Wilkow. Normally, the extreme things he says are usually (in context) somewhat relevant, at least, to the conversation. Most liberal statements are, in all truth, irrelevant, or crafted in a manner which simply appeals to aesthetics and the dog-like qualities.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the grammar errors... Unfortunately there's not an "edit" option on this end.

Shelby Dooby said...


Ricky Shambles said...

"Most liberal statements are, in all truth, irrelevant, or crafted in a manner which simply appeals to aesthetics and the dog-like qualities."

Most critical conservative statements are generalizations, based on untruths, peppered with obfuscation, and punctuated with one thing the ignorant masses can hang onto, such as "he's a commie!"

Liberals also tend to be more internet savvy and understand the importance of signing posts and owning your own words.

Todd Traxler said...

I am curious as to why the typical liberal response to a conservative point of view is that we are stupid, idiots, or tools. Why is it that, according to the elite among liberals, that only those on the left are enlightened and educated? Why is it that the portrayal of conservatives is that we are cruel, cold hearted people yet liberals are so compasionate? There are people that fit all of the above characteristics on both sides of the political spectrum.

As a hard core conservative I am capable of admitting that their have been mistakes, errors in judgment, and flat out failures by Republicans in the House, Senate, and the Whitehouse. Why is it that you can never get a liberal to admit that a Democrat is even capable of making a mistake? Anything bad that has happened must be attributable to a Republican, right?

I am so tired of this old worn out crap that we, on the right, or so out of touch with reality. The reality is that the left wants to bring socialism more into the mainstream in the name of compasion. Welfare and entitlement programs are not compassionate; they are patronizing and crippling. It is akin to saying, "Oh don't worry, we know you are incapable of taking care of yourself so just sit back and let the compassionate federal government take care of you". Why is it that liberals seek to "normalize" non mainstream behaviors? I do not believe anybody should be persecuted because of how they choose to live their life, but it does not mean that it should be "mainstreamed". Liberals want the government out of private lives, yet when the choices that an individual makes in their private life has unwanted consequences the government should step in and take responsibility so the individual does not have to. With freedom comes consequences; that is the point that seems to evade most "liberal" minds. I could care less what another person does but I should not have to take responsibilty for their decissions.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see this blogger win an illectual debate with Andrew Wilkow. I doubt they'll call up and win on any issue.

Ricky Shambles said...

Last anonymous: I'm not really sure what an "illectual" debate is, but I sure would like to see a conservative leave a name - or use Firefox with built-in spellcheck.

Todd, above him. Your comment may earn a post of its own, and thanks for naming yourself - respect points on that. See anonymous for the case in point on your first gripe, although I'm not sure if that answer is in the voice of "stupid, idiots, or tools."

Anonymous said...

Guess what guys, we're right, you're wrong. Wilkow is a godsend full of rational thought backed by facts, logic, and history.

Anonymous said...

Oh, poor baby. :( Can't take someone that has a clue what they're talking about? Stick with Al Gore and Keith Oberman - they have good handle on stupid.

Shelby Dooby said...

^^^^^^ Really? Keith Olberman? Your post was extremely unnecessary and quite pointless.

If there were a TRUE conservative running for office - I would guarantee you he would win by a landslide. Guarantee. The only thing that will turn this country around is LESS government. Definitely NOT more.

Anonymous said...

Here's your commi-nazi wanna make us a socialist nation canididate for President! What an Ass!!!!!

Shocking development: Mrs Obama decides enough is enough: “My husband was born in Hawaii and adopted by his step father, does that make him unpatriotic; she asks”, on a direct telephone to API.
Posted by africanpress on October 15, 2008

Accusing API of colluding with American internet bloggers in an effort to bring down her husband, Mrs Obama said she decided to call API because of what she termed, API’s help to spread rumours created by American bloggers and other racist media outlets in their efforts to damage a black man’s name, saying she hopes African Media was mature enough to be in the front to give unwavering support to her husband, a man Africans should identify themselves with.

When API told her that our online news media was only relaying what the American Bloggers and other media outlets had discovered through their investigations, Mrs Obama was angered and she came out loud with the following: “African press International is supposed to support Africans and African-American view,” and she went to state that, “it is strange that API has chosen to support the racists against my husband. There is no shame in being adopted by a step father. All dirt has been thrown onto my husband’s face and yet he loves this country. My husband and I know that there is no law that will stop him from becoming the president, just because some American white racists are bringing up the issue of my husband’s adoption by His step father. The important thing here is where my husband’s heart is at the moment. I can tell the American people that My husband loves this country and his adoption never changed his love for this country. He was born in Hawaii, yes, and that gives him all the right to be an American citizen even though he was adopted by a foreigner; says Michelle Obama on telefon to API.”

This is a very interesting turn of events. The American man Dr Corsi was recently reported to have been arrested in Kenya because there was fear that he might reveal information on Obama when he wanted to hold a press conference in Nairobi.

The question now is why he was arrested and who ordered his arrest. Was Obama’s hand in this in any way? We will never know the truth but what is clear is that Dr Corsi was seen as a threat while in Kenya.

When API asked Mrs Obama to comment on why Dr Corsi was arrested by the Kenyan government and whether she thought Kenya’s Prime Minister Mr Raila Odinga was involved in Dr Corsi’s arrest, she got irritated and and simply told API not to dig that which will support evil people who are out to stop her husband from getting the presidency.

When asked who she was referring to as the evil people, she stated that she was not going to elaborate much on that but that many conservative white people and even some African Americans were against her husband, but that this group of blacks were simply doing so because of envy.

On Farakhan and his ministry, Mrs Obama told API that it was unfortunate that Mr Farakhan came out the way he did supporting her husband openly before the elections was over. That was not wholehearted support but one that was calculated to convince the American people that my husband will support the growth of muslim faith if he became the president, adding “even if my husband was able to prove that he is not a Muslim, he will not be believed by those who have come out strongly to destroy his chances of being the next President. Do real people expect someone to deny a religion when 80 percent of his relatives are Muslims?; Mrs Obama asked.

Mrs Obama asked API to write a good story about her husband and that will earn API an invitation to the innoguration ceremony when, as she put it , her husband will be installed as the next President of the United States of America next year.


Anonymous said...

How can you say Rush or Wilkow make things up? Can’t believe what they say? If you get your head out of the left wing's ass and somehow got a clue about what America stands for then you would finally see the light! After I was brainwashed in college it took me a couple of years to wake up!! They rally against marxism, socialism, communism…whatever

These guys tend to take a politician, journalist, clueless movie stasr etc... For what they say versus what they vote?

The two party system has ruined America and if you can really hear what these guys are saying, they feel the same way! It's about the founding documents. Not what a socialist…I mean DEM says or most of the REP that have no balls or come from the northeast!

Maybe you are all just closet socialist? No, wait...if you were closet socialist you wouldn't type this stuff bashing Wilkow and others!

This is a pivotal time in our history with a radical leftist running and a radial leftist party in control!!! Forget party politics!!!! You live here and you prosper from this country! If you do not like it go to Europe, China wherever!!! Stopping Obama, Nancy, Harry & friends is priority one! If the brainwashing doesn’t change then us REAL Americans will have to join militias to suppress or destroy what we escaped from in the 1600’s to find liberty on these shores.

Maybe just throw them into a harbor instead of Tea?

It looks like when I teach my 1 & 5 year old sons about American history it will be from a museum, banned books and documents( bill of rights etc.) from the pre-1940’s that I could get arrested for owning or discussing with out first explaining Marx or something . While I’m filling out paperwork for my heart surgery I need in two weeks and is scheduled 6 months from that time.

Don’t tread on me…love your country or leave!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Andrew Wilkow. The same reason you can not stop listening to him is the same that I can not. He is passionate, does not speak in vague generalities but backs up what he says with factual/logical reasoning, and he is willing to debate just about anyone.

I'm sure he doesn't mind your abuse....bad PR is good PR, right? Besides, what you don't get about the new conservative movement is that all of your attacks during the past 8 years of Bush have created a 'who cares what they think about us anymore' attitude. Call us whatever clever names you like...racist, sexist, dumb, hick, greedy, creative! We don't care. We will say what we have to say and we will let people's common sense judge whether or not what we say has any value.

Try stopping us. We are just going to get louder.

I love Andrew Wilkow!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how transparently ignorant and jealous Shambles is in his blog...Your distain for the clarity & rationale thought that Wilkow provides is the reason the libs in Congress want to reinstate the fairness doctrine. Being so intellectually dishonest with yourself will only continue to drive people away from hostile liberals and thrust them forward to stations like Sirius Patriot 144...i love the Wilkow Majority !!!

Ricky Shambles said...

I'm happy for the comments, not so much for the useless trolling they represent.

I listen to Wilkow quite often (I'll take him over Lynn Samuels any day of the week) and sometimes even agree with him. When he pulls items out of the air and/or (like right now) he slips into an illogical, hateful diatribe against homosexuality, not so much. "All gays should be Republican." And sometimes he's hilarious.

For those of you simply reading this post, might want to check out some of my other 700 posts. It's much more than occasionally debunking Wilkow.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

you constitution hating, hard earned money stealing, whine about the rich guy and do nothing to achieve wealth yourself, take the job the rich guy provides for you then bitch about him being rich, vote for a candidate for which you know nothing about LIBS have it wrong.

It;s not "They're right, we're wrong."


Wait for it....

WE'RE right, YOU'RE wrong!

Hannity / Wilkow 2012!

Anonymous said...

Faster is dead on.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for fitting the stereotype, no facts, no justifications, no general ideals to stand behind, just a classic angry liberal. All this listening why not make a successful radio show of your own? I guess your just part of the wrong party.

Ricky Shambles said...

And sometimes the lack of direct retort is the more important statement.

The previous three comments have shown a couple of things:

- Many trolls fail to read the post or the comments in entirety. The fact that I respect Andrew Wilkow's opinion much of the time and actually listen to him are lost on foolishness.

- Fans of Andrew Wilkow, at least those commenting here, rarely exhibit the wit or knowledge that he does, but are only able to parrot his words.

- The previous two points illuminate that most comments made on this post are created by horribly impatient and ignorant people that do no good service to the career of Andrew Wilkow. They only hurt it.

Thanks for the comments! Please feel free to read other posts.

Ricky Shambles said...

Per THEDert: ^ And that!

(dude, so got you!)

Anonymous said...

If you really listened to what andrew says, I doubt you'd say what you have been saying. His point about gays voting republican is spot on. True conservatives want LESS government in our lives, not more. The last few years, the left has pretty much only supported gay marriage and abortion as "rights". Yet, on the other hand, they've tried their best to limit rights that are actually in the Constitution(gun rights, states rights, speech, religion et al.). Look at prop 8. The people of California decided that they didn't want gay marriage. Thhe left lost their minds. Yet, the same people assaulting little old ladies, and trespassing on church property were perfecy fine with San Francisco banning total gun ownership and confiscation of legally owned firearms. WHICH IS A VIOLATION OF THE CONSTITUTION. A point Wilkow was making with his supposed anti gay remark

DStreete is the name in case it didn't go thru

Anonymous said...

Sorry about spelling mistakes. Using my pda and it's got lil buttons.

On the American car topic. I understand his point. It's GM, Ford, and Chrysler begging for money. Not nissan toyota, mercedes, bmw. So, if you aren't driving an american car and then are whining about how we the taxpayer need to bailb out the american car companies, it has the slight smell of hypocracy. I drive a ford. Let them fail if they must. Maybe they'll practice better business next time. Just because a company files chapter 11 doesn't mean they go out. The airlines are a good example. Where does it stop? thumbsb are tired : )

Anonymous said...

Just ranting and railing, whether talking about Andrew or anyone else doesnt constitute "debunking" someone. That has to be done with fact, you have to break an argument, not just wipe snot on it.
As far as the Mexican issue goes, fact is that they are over running our borders, I dont see Americans hauling ass to get into Mexico unless it is by legal means i.e. vacation etc etc. And therefore they have to get used to Wonder Bread because that is what is served in prison here, which is where all ILLEGALS (criminals) belong, at least until we can deport them.
As far as the auto industry goes, yes, the Japanese and Germans etc etc do create American jobs, but fact remains that all profits go back to the country of origin, therefore eliminating revenue for American corporations as well as the government. Fact two is that there is no reciprocity in our trade policies. These countries can sell what they want here, and our products are restricted and tariffed to the point where it is unfeasable to export them there at all. So, in the interest of the American worker, this imbalance must be corrected, its not protectionism, its reciprocity. And if you arent in agreement with this, then I call you selfish and anti-american and you need to reconsider where you want to live. I hear there's lots of land available in lets say, the Russian wastelands... DesertRat.

Anonymous said...

Let's review:

Anonymous states that Ricky Sham is a typical lib with no facts, and Sham responds...

The same thing!

Sham: Do you actually have a view on, well, anything?

Let's have it. Waiting to tear you apart while you spin and change the subject!

Yes, most anyone or any group that feels their rghtsare oppressed by big government belongs in the conservative "community."

Historiclly, they have. Of course, we're talking about libs here - The same morons that think civil rights leaders were democrats! LOL

KGould said...

just randomly reading posts and came across this old one... I guess while many do not like Wilkow, apparently is program is the most listened to out of all the Sirius Satellite programs. Apparently a great deal of people do not think he is a tool ;)

Anonymous said...

First of all, to the original poster, good post. Two things I noticed here from both sides. The true libs and conservatives replying here are very noticable, the rest are the problem with each side. By problem, I mean they are the loud mouth morons that make both sides look bad to one another.

I am a conservative and loud mouth morons claiming to be conservatives sound just as dumb as loud mouths morons claiming to be liberals.

It is a shame really. So to the poster, good on ya for staying calm amung loud mouths from both sides. Same goes to the calm, rational people that have replied.

I appologize that I don't have account here to what my name is.

Chip Wickings,
Conservative and Wilkow fan.

Ricky Shambles said...


I would like to thank you sincerely for what appears to be the most level-headed response to the post. Thanks for reading!

David McEldowney said...

I think you just don't like Wilkow because you can't understand how he makes you feel wrong every time you listen to him. I think he said it - "it's like masochism to them". I think you get some sick pleasure out of being proven wrong over and over again by pure logic. I could be wrong, of course, but I doubt it.

Mexicans don't belong over here if they aren't legal immigrants. If a US citizen tries to pull the same stunt Mexicans do, they get terminated on sight. There should be no double standard - these people are trespassing on US territory.

The car problem is this: If you are going to run around screaming about how big these manufacturers are and them being to big to fail and you did not support them in the first place by buying their product, you are a hypocrite. There, if thats too hard for you to understand, I don't think I'll ever get through to you. However you sound like someone who might be able to grasp that simple idea unlike most other idiots out there.

Hitler won over the German people proclaiming to be a social and fiscal conservative, true, but Nazism, in its pure form, is unique to that era and place. It could not have happened anywhere else and under any other circumstances. Neo-nazis, I don't know a thing about those freaks, but I know that traditional southern KKK leaders were southern Democrats. Seeing as how the racism could have been passed down through family along with political party, I could see Neo-Nazis voting Democrat for the most part.

But again, as far as the car company shite, you were way off in what he was saying. Sorry, mate. Hopefully I "enlightened" you though. Anyway, cheers. Have fun with Sirius - octane rocks! (cough*pun*cough)


Ricky Shambles said...


Thanks for reading! I think I've been pretty clear that I like to listen to right wing radio because I think hearing both sides is important. If you didn't get that, feel free to fish around - I know I said it somewhere.

Some liberals may be shouting about the car companies, but as I've also noted, I'm not like all other liberals. I don't believe American car companies should get bailed out; I believe that's what we call free market capitalism. Let it all fall down. Someone will rebuild it better than before.

The irony is that many right wingers raise the spectre of the auto bailout and throw it at liberals when they themselves do not want to see American car companies fail. It's a two-fer; rant about liberals and see the car companies saved.

Anonymous said...

I use to think global warming was an issue, but articles such as the one by the founder of the Weather Channel, make me think the "The debate is not over".

freezing in Fla.

Anonymous said...

Ricky Shambles,
A GREAT BLOG. It is amazing to me that my fellow coservatives, choose there words without reading the blog posts, or knowing the subject matter. Wilkow is entertaining, I like the fact that he states his points, with no doubt were he stands. I view him as just another long island kid, and take what he says with a grain of salt. Just as i do rush and any other talk show host out there.

my lower education blue collar world, I have made an observation. Both parties Democrat and Republican, And the two prominent sub catagories of above mentioned parties, rely on emotion and fear, to sway oppinion and votes there all of you posters. Do research and formulate oppinion on fact, not what a talk show host says.

I appologize for my grammitical errors and spelling. and the fact i just dont want to take the time to fill out all the info to register and be bombarded with spam.....once again great blog


Anonymous said...

In regards to the comment of foreign cars being built in the US - such as Toyota - yes there are assembly plants in the states but where does the money go? The final dollar goes back to Japan. Where as if you were to buy a dodge, chevy or ford the money stays here in America (American Company) that is what Andrew was pointing out.

Ricky Shambles said...

Yes, the profit of the dollar spent on foreign cars built here goes back to the corporation. But it also keeps Americans employed and that corporation motivated to spend more on that plant.

Point being, Wilkow and many other conservatives have a conflicting message. Do we buy American or believe in a truly free market economy? Because it's either-or. If GM made cars as durable and tenacious as Toyota or Honda, the discussion wouldn't be taking place, my wife wouldn't be driving a Honda, and I wouldn't be cursing my Chrysler purchase.

Peter said...

like Andrew says--He is right --you are wrong--end of story

man-made global warming is a sham--so many are profiting on the assuaged guilt of the world--scientists like to theorize and make predictions and challenge themselves and others, and are often wrong--in fact, they are wrong most of the time--any scientist will tell you that.

Edison discovered how not to make a light bulb over 1000 times (like Nick Cage said in National Treasure)

Is the earth warming--in parts--its cooling in others--ice is melting in the arctic, but expanding in the antarctic--we've had documented temperatures higher and lower than we have today-

who are we to think that today's temperature is the ideal temperature for the globe? maybe a few degrees more would make more arable land for farming and help feed more people-

there was a time most of the US was underwater--the earth is always changing--its such a basic arguement its hard to deal with people who want to argue on emotion, instead of reason.

Gore's little propaganda movie has been pretty widely thrown in the trash and the science community realizes his models were bunk--and Gores unwillingness to have a real debate with opposing views should cause alarm--but he said the debate is over--he wants to stifle opinion.

And as long as you have idiots like RFK Jr. saying that global warming deniers should be punished like Holocaust deniers, the whole movement loses any credibility it might of once had.

But that wont stop the politicians from legislating it and crippling the economy with no-growth socialism--

Thanks for having your blog


Anonymous said...

Honestly, I can understand why Wilkow and the other "dramatic" hosts get under people's skin - that is why it is so effective.
However, when you get past the theatrics, I'd say about 80% of what Wilkow says is very informed, correct and well-thought. The other 20% is when he gets caught in a "brain loop" and can't get out.
I just find the obsession with talk radio fascinating - why is the left concerned about it? It doesn't masquerade as "news" or "hard-hitting reasearch" like Michael Moore drivel, or Chris Matthews. Talk radio hosts a) admit what side they are on and b) let people call in an discuss.
At first I had a real problem with Mark Levin for hanging up on people and belittling them - but then I realized, they are all really calling with the exact SAME COMMENTS.
I heard Wilkow arguing with a guy last week who clearly stated that "public companies are owned by the public and therefore the government should be able to set their executives pay." When Wilkow explained that public refers to "publicly-traded", this guy told him he was spreading more "venom and lies"....enough said...I would have hung up on the guy as well

Anonymous said...

Andrew Wilkow, a true American Patriot and defender of the Constitution… Don't worry though, Ricky, I'm sure you will not have to deal with him much longer. If things go your way, your little Fairness Doctrine will end up censoring our First Amendment rights and remove conservatives from the radio segment all together. Is that what you like? Does that make you happy? I have two suggestions. First, go out and actually read the Constitution all the way through. Second, try tuning in to Jay Sevrin on WTKK 96.9 in Boston from 3pm - 7pm EST. You'll gain a wealth of education and perhaps become a little more informed to reality.

Ricky Shambles said...

The last Anonymous:

I have a tip for you: read my blog.

I am 100% against any form of any implementation of the "Fairness Doctrine."

I think local radio sucks because of the serialization of stations and therefore I don't listen to public radio.

When it comes to the Fairness Doctrine, I'm on your side, actually. Free market. If the left radio could hold an audience, could hold a listening-ship, then they would be as viable as Rush.

But they are not. And that sucks. But it doesn't mean that anything should be changed.

I appreciate your comment, but please dig in before pissing and whining and shucking Limbaugh quotes.

In this case, you're singing to the choir. And I dare you to prove me wrong on that.

Anonymous said...

Ricky, Ive read the blog, like it, and would not really consider you a liberal, or progressive. In my oppinion you are pretty much middle of the road leaning slightly left, but open to a substantial debate. I would like to touch on a comment about American cars, they are just not as good as japanese korean or european cars. One thing i would point out, is american are tested and crashed at 35-40 mph, German and swedish cars are designed to crash at 120. I have seen people walk away from a crash in a volvo that would have killed all in a chevy or ford, ( yes i know ford and volvo are a partnership).Keep up the great blog.

Anonymous said...

wow "uncensored" radio. Let me know how that Fairness doctrine is going for ya Ricky
Rick 554

Anonymous said...

And frankly Ricky, like your President, Barack the RED, I dont believe your position on the "fairness doctrine" one iota.

Ricky Shambles said...

Anon (K) - thanks for the comment. I'm left-leaning but not a parrot like some of the folks commenting here.

Last 2 Anons - not sure what you're getting at. I'm pretty plainspoken when it comes to what I believe and do not believe. If you don't believe I am vehemently against the Fairness Doctrine, there's not much I can do to waylay your conspiracy theory paranoia.

Thanks for the comments!

Anonymous said...

I have recently started listening to Wilkow and his knowledge is not something that should be disregarded. I just heard him today say that he walks around with a copy of the Constitution and the Communist Manifesto everywhere he goes.

He breaks everything down so that even grade schoolers can understand the simple teaching. That is true education!

While he may go off on tangents occasionally (and who doesn't?), he feel he has a much better understanding of the foundation of our government than Hannity (who seems to just repeat everything). Mark Levin, while also very knowledgeable, goes off on rants. Most of the time, it just makes me laugh. But on the whole, considering Wilkow's age (36), I believe he has taken the time to know and understand the true basics of our government. Go Andrew!

Vinny C.
San Diego

Ricky Shambles said...

Thanks Vinny C. for a truly constructive comment. I also believe Andrew has a good bit of wisdom (not just schooling or smarts, but actual wisdom) behind his voice.

This post pegged on one time on one show and will continue to hit if something seems wrong. But I will also continue to listen.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to see where my post was not reasonable. Last posted as DStreete. I try to keep informed on as much as I am able. If that's not reasonable I don't know what is

Ricky Shambles said...


I wouldn't use the word "unreasonable," and I believe you try to keep as informed as possible.

Your first comment was that homosexuals should vote Republican because Republicans want less government in out lives. But that's not what they've been practicing for the last 8 years (have you seen the Bush memos?). Add that to the openly religious, openly-anti-homosexual attitude many Republicans hold, a disassociation and sometimes even hate aimed at the core of their identity, and can you see why this would appear foolish?

As for your previous car point, I made a response in a subsequent comment-back that rolls into that. The hypocrisy comes in as a push for free market then whining about people not buying American cars. Free market. Honda and Toyota are simply better, more lasting, better mpg, IMO. If American car companies fail, they fail.

Let the failures fail; the market will grow a new crop of opportunities for entrepreneurs that aren't lamenting their loss.

And if any money should be going out, it should be to some of the more cutting-edge, innovative companies talking 100 mpg vehicles.

Anonymous said...

You don't like listening to Wilkow because he deals in rational thought and the facts which is like kryptonite to liberals.

So go back to sucking the big fat swollen tit of Big Daddy Gub-ment and when you're ready to eat big people food you can start listening to Wilkow again.

You pansy-ass liberals make me want to throw up. GO TO CUBA OR CANADA YOU F-ING COMMIE!! STOP TRYING TO RUIN THIS COUNTRY!!!!

Ricky Shambles said...

Last anon,

Thanks for reading. Unfortunately, you do a terrible disservice to your side of the argument in the simple act of posting.

Level-headed discussion is the aim, but angry, yelling clowns are always appreciated for their entertainment value.

Naviguesser21 said...

I love the Andrew Wilkow show. I just started listening to it recently, and he is spot-on on the issues. Global warming IS a sham. When Al Gore is the leading expert on it, how seriously can you take it? It's not a real problem, it's a vehicle for an agenda that only the sheep (that would be you Ricky) would believe. Pull your head out and look at facts instead of the feeling of the moment.

Ricky Shambles said...


Thanks for the comment.

A piece of Antarctica the size of Manhattan falls into the ocean and the Andes will be out of melt water in 3 years, but "Global warming IS a sham."

It appears you, sir, are the sheep.

Patriot First said...

There is one difference between liberals and conservatives. It's quite simple really. Conservatives take the time to educate themselves on the issues and remove emotion from the debate. Liberals don't. If everyone took the time to educate themselves with the facts, there would be no liberals.

Ricky Shambles said...

Patriot First,

I chuckle in your general direction.

Pew research recently released a poll explaining that 17% of Republicans still believe Obama is a Muslim. And AK Stevens, an elected official, called the internet a "series of tubes." Many Conservatives don't take the time to understand the basic tenets of reality, let alone understanding the actual issues.

To wit, there are plenty of ignorant Liberals as well. Stick to issues, not generalizations, and you might do good by yourself.

Paul Hankle said...

"Why is Andrew Wilkow burnin' my biscuits? Some of the stuff is the same: Global warming is a sham...

It is a sham. Back in the 70's, it was global cooling and the new ice age. Check the science, fool.

...(featuring "Stop Global Whining" by the Right Brothers), and liburlz r devuls,...

Liberals are devils. More correctly, Statists are devils. Their answer to everthing is more and bigger government.

...and general ignorance spouting like Hey, Nazism is a left wing thing...
NAZI is an acronym. In german, it means National Socialist German Workers Party. That would be a left-wing thing. See:

...and we want to take Israel dry...
What? Repubs can't even be racist; Democrats don't care about the Blacks. But that's just a paraphrase."

Who opposed the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act? Fillibustered them, even? That would be Democrats.

"And I'm sure there is more ignorance to follow, more thinly-veiled bigotry to come, and more reasons for me to pop a Motrin or two in the middle of the afternoon."

May I suggest something stonger than Motrin?

Ricky Shambles said...


Thanks for the comments. I do love parrots.

Anonymous said...

I love Parrots also. Especially ones that are "dead on" in their responses!

Ricky Shambles said...

The very last Anonymous,

I'm not sure I get your gist. If it is a reference to a well-known Monty Python sketch, then I think I've caught your meaning. Otherwise, you'll have to play a little nicer with suppositions and proper nouns. You risk putting out a subjective commentary that could be taken as a reference to dead bird butt darts and I'm afraid we do not promote sex with animals on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Ricky, back to your global warming comment up a bit, I've read several articles that Arctic ice was higher in 2007 than all the levels from 1979-1984. If global warming is so in over-drive, how come we have higher levels than 25-30 years ago? It's flawed science, just as many scientists will say the opposite.

Also, it is already a proven fact that CO2 doesn't drive the temperature. Temperature drives CO2, therefore CO2, is not a green house gas. It is just liberal's way of pushing more of their agenda of cap and trade and everything they want to control.

It comes to a basic philosphy. There are 2 kinds of republicans and 2 kinds of democrats....the ones that are in power and the ones who aren't. 90% of politicians on both sides don't care about the people, only power. They use their ideology to twist everything around in their favor to get more power. I am a conservative, and I believe the conservative principles are the best to achieve true freedom, and I think most common everyday liberals are good-hearted people with good intentions who truly care. It's just that the liberal politician takes advantage of that to gain power. People need to look past the spin and BS and find the facts.

Happy debating!

Vinny C.
San Diego, CA

Anonymous said...

On the point about buying American cars, it really no longer applies. There are so many partnerships, that many US cars have foreign parts. I bought a '94 Plymouth Duster after graduating college. Guess what? It had a Mitsubishi 3.0 L V6. So who are we supporting when we buy an Accord that is built in the US by American workers or a American car with half or more of the parts made in China or some other Asian country??

That's the only point I disagree with Andrew and Hannity on.

Vinny C.
San Diego, CA

Ricky Shambles said...


Thanks for the comments. I think the worst part of the global warming debate is how unfocused it is on the right. Some call all of it a conspiracy hoax, some say man-made global warming is not possible but the planet is warming, some say man-influenced global warming is possible, but CO2 is a conspiracy hoax.

I'm not sure where you get your arctic ice information, but in about 3 minutes I found many references that showed a steady decline in arctic ice. I don't believe Russia, China, Canada, and the US would be in a tizzy over waterway rights if they didn't believe the ice was going away.

Chunks of Antarctica the size of Manhattan falling off, glaciers accelerating into the ocean all over the world - this is happening. And to say CO2 does not act as a greenhouse gas is naive at best.

I'm sure there are those out there who are seeking power only, but it's a little tinfoil hat of you to say that 90% of Democrats are using global warming as a power grab. Just like if I were to say 90% of Republicans call it a hoax to keep their pockets padded with oil money. I think there is more altruism in Washington, D.C. than you think. Just a great deal of misinformation to go along with it.

Anonymous said...


I didn't say that 90% of Democrats are using global warming as a power grab. If you re-read my statement, I said 90% of politicians ON BOTH SIDES do not care about the people, only power. That means Dem and Repubs alike. Also, that statement was a general one, not specifically about global warming, but in all issues.


Anonymous said...

#1 on my Google search of "arctic ice levels"

Link found on the Huffington Post (of all places!) and #2 on Google:

Link 3 on Google:

Should I keep going? Flawed science!! There is nothing definite!

Here's an argument about how CO2 lags in levels from temperature:

Again...I could find links all night. If what you are saying is true, there should be a change in temp AFTER CO2 levels change, not before.

Put it this way. I saw a show on TV, may have been the History Channel or Discovery, I can't remember. But they had a panel of about a dozen doctors from 30 years ago or so who all repeated into a microphone that cigarettes did not cause cancer. I'm telling you, when politics have an agenda on an issue, any data can be manipulated to get the desired result by the party who wants the research.

When there is a global consensus and bi-partisanship that agrees on global warming and that it is man-made, then I will believe and go beyond my part to help. But until then, you are every bit of a little tinfoil hat to say the opposite of me on global warming.


Ricky Shambles said...

I feel sympathy for you; I know you want so much to believe. Have you looked at ANY of the graphs? Do you have ANY understanding of the science or statistics?

One day on one year that's up (the rest of your graph goes the other way) does not a pattern make, just like snowstorms in late March or 80 degrees in early April (Midwest) don't prove either end of the argument.

Global Warming is the average global temperature over decades, hundreds of years. Average in the USA is about a single degree upwards. In the arctic? About 5. Which is why most of the ice is going to go away this summer.

Please study the actual science before staging these "this one time in February it was hot" responses. I'd appreciate it. We all would.

Anonymous said...

WOW, Ricky, this blog has gotten ,hmmmmmmm....."Interesting". Global warming and nazi'ism, what a combination. Toss monty python in there, SWEEEEEET. "ICHY ICHY ICHY SHEBOOING MRRRRPMM" one question, how do you stay calm? both left and right extremes are so passionate and can " back up everything with facts" keep up the great blog

Anonymous said...

I think folks should listen to Andrew Wilkow for themselves. They have access to podcasts @

Ricky Shambles said...

1st Anon - Thanks for the comment.

2nd Anon - Great advice - hit up those podcasts and develop your own opinions.

j fields trahan said...

The global warming issue is 50/50. When scientists can't agree, who are we to argue about it. Beyond that, small government and Teddy Roosevelt style regulated capatialism have always worked, and Big government socialism has never worked in this country. Moreover, big government and socialism have not ever proven successful, in long terms, as workable government structures that support all the people under the authority of the government.

Socialism and Facism, although different in means, always have similar ends.

So, those on the crazy left and those on the crazy right will end up in the same place.

So, cheers to a market which will beat down wal-mart so local businesses can flourish, not an obama esq. market that kisses big companies' rear ends in order to buy votes; cheers to free speech that lets me say what I will, even if it offends some one; cheers to free religion, that can't be challenged on behalf of unnatural lifesyles; cheers to gun rights, so if the government gets too big, my family and personal rights are protected.

Take any one away, and you have endangered them all.

Anonymous said...

Ricky Shambles is the reason .

Wilkow is the answer .

Rickey , do you know where I can find some welfare scum to do some yard work ?? They need to earn my money .


Ricky Shambles said...

j fields, thanks for the input. Center is the way to go. If I could join a fiscally conservative yet socially liberal party that was viable, I would.

Anon (LAPUASHOOTER), I would guess some of the "scum" you're looking for might be found as immigrant help. They might be able to help you with your language skills.

Thanks for the comments!

Anonymous said...

I sometimes listen to him from Did you listen to him on Sirius?

Ricky Shambles said...

Yes, I have and continue to occasionally listen to him on Sirius, though my current preferences are Canadian and American Indie and Techno/Trance for concentration.

Anonymous said...

They do have a great techno station. I'm a big fan of it.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Shambles,

What drug are you on? Prozac, weed or possibly CRACK! Wilkow is not a arrogant person. I am a moderate with moderate views and he gives the best insight ot any situation that may occur politically. Whether its your First ammendment right to post this nonsense or possibly your Second amendment right to protect yourself, he is usaually on the money with his thoughts. I would be willing to bet that you are against the Death Penalty but are more than happy to vote for the womens right to abort am unborn fetus. Hell, maybe your even open to a pedophile hanging out in your childs school because it would be against his rights to keep him away. You leftist elites make almost everyone sick in this world with your leftist views. I wish you much success in your drumatood!

Ricky Shambles said...

Oh, Anon, you spew so well the incoherent vitriol of ad hominem attacks, the choicest squirty-juice of the Right.

I'd say more, but your own "drumatood" (wtf?) speaks volumes against itself. Thanks for the comment!

Anonymous said...

If you have ever listened to Lynn Samuels croaking on NPR monotonously you will understand why even liberals prefer to listen to Wilkow. He baits you effortlessly since he knows the Lib Mantra of never contradict a gay or black person no matter what nonsense they spout. Wilkow has some intellectual arguments that I have not heard anyone refute. Endless smug put downs and name calling do not constitute a logical argument. If you are so anti-intellectual just chant slogans and turn your radio off. It offends you that someone has the temerity to disagree with "the one" so you attack him personally. Well guess what? He doesn't care. I dont't care either. If "liberals" as the new "progressives" like to be called are angry at me I wear it like a badge of honor. Show me something besides jejune rants parroting Keith Overbite. Read a book. Learn something. If all you do is watch "The View" and blog you're a loser.

Ricky Shambles said...

Thank you, anon, for the comment. Unfortunately, any argument that I am parroting anyone and making personal attacks (did you even read the post?) is completely negated when said argument consists of ad homenim attacks that spout Wilkow mimicry. Thanks for playing, though!

Unknown said...

So, this is a place of healthy discussion, and that's a good thing. I think Ricky, that you, like me, try to be fair and open-minded. I am a conservative, and a republican. I think Americans should buy American first, and I also think that Americans should work hard to make their products the best in the world so that everyone else would buy American too. In many cases, we do. Making cars appears to be not one of those things. I think the UAW has a lot to do with that, but we'll leave that sleeping dog alone for now.

My comment about this being a place of discussion, dissent, even argument is designed to point out that in this forum, that is appropriate. Indeed, even in the forum of the congress and the senate such discussion and argument is appropriate. The difference of course being that here, we don't really expect to change the other side's mind, or reach some kind of compromise. In the bigger forums that is exactly what we expect them to do.

Wilkow, and the rest of the right wing media (and I love them all) speak of our founding fathers as great, and visionary men. Wilkow, and the rest of the right wing media are correct. Our founding fathers were indeed great and visionary men.

They didn't always agree. In fact, they often didn't agree, and that's okay.

When they got together to draft the Declaration, and the Bill of Rights, and to form what I consider to be the greatest nation in the world today, they argued and fought and screamed and yelled, I imagine. The difference was, that eventually, they came to an accord.

Our representatives, both republican and democrat alike should be doing the same thing. Instead of wasting our time and money fighting back and forth and playing at partisan politics, they must, eventually, reach an accord and decide together what is best for our nation. That's what we sent them there to do.

As it stands now, one party gets into power, and forces their agenda through (I admit, I am speaking of the current administration here) regardless of the cost to the nation. When the other party gets back into power, they will spend a good deal of time undoing what the first party has done, and pushing their own agenda through. That's not what the founding fathers did, and I don't think it's what they intended to have happen. If we keep on this partisan path, this nation will surely destroy itself.

I think that in some ways, we are more divided now than we have been at any other time, including the civil war years. Please don't mistake me, I'm not saying that we need to be in lock step on every issue. I think argument and discussion are appropriate, and positive to the process of governing a nation. I will say that I am sick and tired of that government spending my time, and my money on things that I don't agree with, or care about, or want and never *really* resolving any of the difficult issues.

I'm not saying "why can't we all just get along?" I don't expect the democrats and republicans to group hug on the steps of the White House and sing Kumbaya together. I just want them to stop all of this incessant bickering (or not) and find the place where compromise lives. I expect them to make the decisions that everyone can live with, even if they're not 100% happy with it. That's what our nation is about. It's about opposing viewpoints rolling up their sleeves, and sitting together, and doing the work until the work is done, and coming out of it with an agreement that everyone can live with. The politician that can't, or won't do that need to be voted out, regardless of their affiliations.

I think Wilkow would agree. . .

Ricky Shambles said...

c0d3r, Your comment was well-spoken and well-thought. I agree that if we could spend more time discussing the issues like real people with the dedicated goal of coming to some semblance of understanding as opposed to the constant tit-for-tat, misleading language, and manipulation of reality in order to exercise more control that we see from both sides, our world - our country - would be a better place. Since the politicians seem inept in this arena, it is up to us to drive them in the right direction - or vote them out. Thanks for your input.

Unknown said...

I find it funny that when people make factual arguments and others can't counter them they call that person a name, like a parrot or non-constructive trolls.
1) Does global warming occur...yes naturally, as does global cooling. Does man cause this? NO It is all related to solar activity. That said, you would be hard pressed to find anyone that does not think we need to reduce pollution. CO2 is NOT a pollutant no matter what the US government says. This is a way for people to make lots of money on carbon credits. Greed knows no political party

2) History shows that the democratic party had been promoters of slavery while the republican party started the fight against it earlier and in the 1900's it has been a democratic presidents that have led us to and/or escalated war more often than republican presidents. That is not to say they were not right in what they did, just a fact. So the people who think it is the republicans who are the "party of war" need to check history.
Now I have not personally attacked anyone and simply pointed out facts that can be researched and show to be true. Call me a parrot or a troll..whatever, but it does not win the debate, it is simply seen as surrender.

Ricky Shambles said...

I suggest you read the post and the comments before commenting yourself. The term "parrot" has been strictly reserved for people mimicking - at the base level without thought or development - some of Wilkow's choicest phrases. "Troll" is used for those a step down who have zero thought investment and resort to ill-tempered grunting. This is not name-calling, but well-accepted, descriptive phrases.

In your case, 1) would be parroting; you present no actual argument or furthering of the discussion nor any scientific facts, just repetition of the right-wing argument that, in itself, is absurd. CO2 - or any gas - can be a pollutant in the way that any other pollutant is generally categorized: a substance that in increasing abundance is detrimental to the environment and, by extension, life. CO2 is a greenhouse gas. Period. Lock an oxygen-breathing animal in an airtight room and their own production of it will kill them. Even oxygen, in abundance, could be considered a pollutant; a slight increase in the concentration of our breathable air could cause a maddening increase in wildfires across the planet.

In 2) you again simply repeat the Wilkow argument. And I don't disagree that historically there existed a great deal of racism in the Democratic party. But the Republicans were a part of that as well - as much as you would like to believe, there is no hard party break when it comes to racism. Hell, some of our founding fathers owned slaves but I don't hear much bad-mouthing of those American Saints. War is a similar argument. Yes, history is the most important part of molding our future as a country, but politics is very much a "What have you done for me lately" arena. GWB and his myrmidon Cheney (or vice-versa) were the drivers of the most recent iteration of the Great War Machine. Not a Democrat. In the last decade or so, Republicans have emerged as almost farcically racist, simply bubbling over with good-ol-boy don't-like-the-colored-folk sentiment paired with a derisive smirk at anything that has to do with valid minority issues, while minorities overwhelmingly choose the Democratic party. (NOTE: Republican declarations that minorities are stupid/ignorant for choosing the Democratic party is really moving in the wrong direction to remedy this path).

But - as I've already stated - these are not absolutes. War profit does not live exclusively on one side of the aisle. Nor does hate. But they have been the dominant paradigms of the conservative movement as of late, despite the flurry of argumentation designed to obfuscate that fact.

Thanks for the comment!

Unknown said...

The term "liberal" has been used to death. It no longer holds relevance. Why not call leftist's what they really are. Socialists! The majority of leftists beliefs are firmly rooted in socialism. Why run from the accurate description of your philosophy? I am neither Dem or Repubican. They are both corrupt and out of control. Having no problem pissing on the Constitution. Obama and his lackies will in the end be the best thing that ever happened to the conservative movement!
B. Anderson

Ricky Shambles said...

brian - I'm having trouble deciphering thought or reasoning from your post. Do you think I should call myself a socialist? I'm not any more a socialist than you are: paying for the fire department even if you don't have a fire, paying into an insurance plan that goes to pay for whatever procedures other members of the plan choose to have done though you stay healthy.

So are you a socialist?

Unknown said...

You are a dumb ass Liberal!!

Ricky Shambles said...

Brian - for someone who claims to be of neither party you certainly have a fierce conservative streak. That, paired with your unwillingness (or inability) to debate is unfortunately typical of what I've been seeing and hearing lately: shut down the conversation and regress into ad hominem name-calling.

Unknown said...

I'm about as right-wing as they come. I share the frustrations of those who need to shout "You're a dumb-ass" liberal. I tell my wife a hundred times a day how much I hate the way that (IMHO) liberals/democrats are ruining our country.

I did not vote for President Obama, and I don't much like how he's doing the job. But I have to agree with Ricky on this point -- screaming obscenities into a blog isn't going to make an impression, or change anyone's mind - not even a liberal's. Only by sharing carefully thought out, well spoken arguments, even if they aren't your own, will we hold sway over the opposition.

I think it might have been Sean Hannity that said something like "When you argue with a liberal, you aren't doing it to change their mind, you're doing it for the benefit of those other people who are listening to your discussion with an open mind." Or something to that effect. Let's face it, calling Ricky, or anyone else a "dumb-ass liberal", whether it's true or not, just makes yourself and republicans look ignorant, just like it did when John Kerry was running for president. He was an angry man, who didn't get elected. Obama was full of positive and intelligent dialog and he did get elected -- you do the math.

Believe me Brian, I share your anger at the way things are being done, but it's far better to stay calm and make an intelligent argument than it is to descend into thoughtless profanity that accomplishes nothing, except possibly to make ourselves feel better.


Ricky Shambles said...

Thanks c0d3r. You make me all warm and fuzzy with intelligent comments like that.

Seriously, you hit it on the head. I'm happy to debate or parry points but the ignorant shouting - from either side - is counterproductive.

Thanks for the back. Maybe there's hope for our two sides yet.

dave said...

I do not like him much either, he sounds like a preacher on a pulpit..
The worst part is that I am forced to listen to it, my boss plays it on her pc and we have an open office.
Like WilCow she only cares about herself and what she thinks.

Anonymous said...

Call him and debate the issues! He is right and you are wrong!

Ricky Shambles said...

Dave - I'm so sorry to hear that.

Anon - Glad this still brings in comments. Sad it brings in content-less parroting like yours.

Anonymous said...

You know what, I kind of agree with you about the cars in the U.S.-it's impossible to find one that is made here. However, tht being said. I enjoy listening to Andrew Wilkow, because there is noone else who will talk like a true libertarian. Hannity is a joke...a contradiction. He's not a real Republican. He flips over to the constitution when it is trendy to do so.

Anonymous said...

News flash the jobs leave the country from being taxed by the left then the left blames the right and you can not see you are being played by the crooks in Washington.The founders warned us that this could happen and idiots like yourself think that socialism is a good thing.

Ricky Shambles said...

Martina- Thanks for the thoughtful comment.

Anon- You are an artless parrot. Please educate yourself then say something that means something, possibly with punctuation.

Anonymous said...

You took one line Wilkow said because you thought the language was bad, then proceeded to say "who the fuck talks like that"
Clearly you do as well, hypocrisy is not the road to victory sir.

Also,I as well listen to Wilkow's show on occasion, he brings up that he buys only American goods. He never says that you're a horrible person if you don't. All he's saying is that he believes in keeping our jobs here, and what better way to do so as the average American than to buy American-made goods? The only item he continuously brings up is the fact that he really does not like the Prius (I can't blame him I'm not a fan either).

But back to the point. If you're a lower-middle class family struggling to get by, he is by no means saying "go out and buy the more expensive stuff because it's American!" he's simply encouraging it, not demanding foreign goods to be banned. The reason I admire him above the other talk show hosts is although he runs himself as a conservative (he has strong conservative morals), a lot of what he says in fact comes off as Libertarian.

C0d3r said...

The hardest part of buying American made goods is that you have to *find* them. My wife and I decided that we didn't like the way some foreign countries were using the trade imbalances against us, and decided we would boycott foreign made goods. That was all well and good until we got into the stores. We looked at things we liked, they were made in a foreign country. We looked at things we didn't like, made in a foreign country. We started looking at every item we could find in every store. Other than some hardware and tools, and our Vizio TV set, we didn't find much that was made here in the good old USA anymore. If anyone's got some insight on where we can buy American, I'd love to hear about it.


Ricky Shambles said...

If I were to comment on a comment I thought had bad language by using bad language, it could be considered hypocritical if I were a moron. As I am not a moron, it would be called sarcasm, perhaps even find a slot in the irony file. However, it was neither. Wilkow's comment contained no foul language, just blatantly bigoted language.

The rest goes to what Cod3r hit on and I stated in my post: you can't find American-made stuff (or at least very little of it), and the stuff you can find may have only been assembled in the US from foreign parts.

I keep a little plastic bag taped to my desk. It was handed out at a business meeting by a well-known Tea Party conservative. It contains a pin with two American flags on it. Stuck to the bag is a gold sticker stamped "Made in China."

Anyone who considers themselves a conservative and claims to want to keep jobs in the US is either completely ignorant of the Chamber of Commerce machine, or lying and complacent within its workings.

Unknown said...

You are guilty of the very thing you are against. Comments w/0 facts.

You say CO2 is a greenhouse gas yet or any other person can say how this particlular gas is the one responsible for global warming. It is a fraction of a percent of the gases in the atmosphere. So specifically what is it about this gas that is the problem.

Let me give you FACT. There never was a debate on global warming. Liberals including Al AGore just proclamed it. I would love to see an actual debate but it won't happen.

The one thing that Liberals have over Conservatives is that they are great at framing the debate. It is Liberals that won't actually have the discussion. Tea Partiers were branded as Racists spewing the "N" word at rallies but Liberals could not produce any evidence. These same Liberals beat people up, on tape, in Wisconsin but not a word from the President or the Liberal Media.

These are the Facts.

By the way, Wilkow does not say that Gays and Lesbians should be Conservatives. He says they should be Libertarians.

I understand that it is easy for both sides to take things out of context, but if you give Wilkow a week of your time. He not only backs his comments with facts, you can look on his wesite to see where they came from and judge for yourself.

As Andrew Says, you can't win the the debate by dissagreeing with him, you have to break the argument. I have not heard any person on the left quote him accurately much less break the arguments.

The mess we are in today is because of Liberalism and its' variants. It does not matter if it is from the Right or the Left. One Party however, has a lock on it.

Ricky Shambles said...

Kevin, you're a troubled soul and a terrible parrot.

First- CO2 is a greenhouse gas. There is no real debate over what CO2 does or how it insulates the atmosphere, except amongst those who refuse to acknowledge. That is 3rd grade science. The ignorant people who goon out with "Well it can't be bad 'cause plants need it" are apparently unaware that it can kill you.

Secondly- if I used quotes, he said it. If you'd pay attention to what I was quoting, Andrew was saying gays should be Republicans, probably as opposed to registered Democrats. You know, because the conservative movement is so tolerant with religions and lifestyles.

And finally- while "problems" are going to be different from our perspectives, I see our country in the beginning throes of a collapse. The conservatives are throwing money at corporations (where it will stay - they're not creating jobs) and gutting everything that has to do with women and lower-income people. They are creating an enormous gap between high income and low because they're part of and buddies with the high. Giggling all the way to the bank as they push the sinking boat out to sea. Might want to read up on the French Revolution.

Anonymous said...

I have XM Radio also and listen to Andrew and some of the 200 other stations they have. You whine like a stuck puppy. If your afraid of him and his followers start your own show and beat his ratings. Mel signed him cuz he gets results. I Hate Howard Stern but will never call for his removal from the air.
You sir are an ignoramus afraid of opposing view points. You listen cuz you LIKE him. You just dont have the balls to admit it.
When a democratic or liberal come up with a good idea that will WORK, I'll listen

John Reed,gun owning, American buying, Conservative,Patriot and independent voter.

Ricky Shambles said...

John Reed, I am very thankful for comments like yours because you make my point for me. Your basic language skills are deplorable. I'm not afraid of him; I just don't care for him. I would NEVER call for the removal of someone based solely on the fact that I don't agree with them.

If you bothered to look at any other post on the blog and pick up a grammar book you might not appear so much the parrot fool of a myrmidon of the right.

But, again, thanks!

Anonymous said...

I will ask the question a different way so you can understand it. How does the change in a gas(greenhouse or not)of a fraction of a percent have such a dramatic effect on climate? I am not being sarcastic, but would like to know. Could the change in the climate over the short term and long term have anything to do with the sun. After all, if there were no sun this planet would be pretty cold. I would say as a rational person the greatest effect on climate would be the sun.

Now, putting that all aside. The real question is how does the earth's mean temperature change over time. It has been established that the earth has cooled and warmed at different times in spite of what we are doing to this planet. I would love an honest debate about global warming, I mean climate change, but as another poster mentioned, Al Gore and others will not allow it. Why? At the very least the liberals would be able to make the concervatives look like fools. I will mention that if man-made global warming is so obvious, why did the University of East Anglia along with others, feel the need to "fudge the numbers"?

As far as the economy being the Republicans fault. Liberals are also in the pocket of big business, just ask Jeffrey Imelt and BP. In addition, the Liberals clearly side with the unions and the "Green" companies. How about we go to a fair tax and do away with all corporate "loopholes"? How about union membership being voluntary? This is smething the left has been against.

I agree with you that there is a great economic divide in this country. It really started when liberals decided that all persons are not equal and that some should derive benefits from others and not have to give anything in return.

It is interesting that many on the left like to say conservatives are racist, sexist, biggoted, and the list goes on. But which party has everybody divided into race, class, sex, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, national origin? That would be liberals. It is like farting and blaming it on someone else, you deflect attention away from what you are doing. Liberalism is the worst form of biggotry. Your low expectations of your victims groups and the villification of others is why this Country is in such bad shape.

As far as the right being parrots. Perhaps, but when you clearly have the facts, logic, science and rational thought on your side, why reinvent the wheel.

Ricky Shambles said...


I've got nothing for you. You claim to be in the right with science and reason but provide no source of science and no proof of reason. You are simply repeating the talking points of the "right" in the face of just about every climatologist on the planet. Jabbering non-scientific suppositions is not a logical argument.

Also, small point: excellent grammar and spelling does not impart credibility, but lack of it can drain credibility very quickly.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Wilkow - is the most honest, the most clear, the Most Direct...

I do know what you mean about YOU not being able to listen to him for more than a few moments at a time... I'm the same way with Alan Colmes and Ed Shultz.

The only difference is that WILKOW is CORRECT. Colmes and Shultz proport to understand around them. They damage the free market then say: "look - it doesn't work".

I once heard a 2nd grader trying to impress a girl in his grade. He had NO IDEA what he was talking about... and it showed. He will grow up and figure out that he is clueless. I pray... you will someday too.

Here's hoping.


&tan from Port Deposit MD.

Ricky Shambles said...


You reference 2nd grade. Please use grammar appropriate for that level of language, and please create some reasonable argument or cogent thought.

If you want to argue effectively, step #1 is to stop being a mindless parrot.

Thanks for your comment!

Everyday Patriot said...

"stop global whining" by the right bros is from Mike Church's show, btw.

Oh, and I love Andrew Wilkow!

Ricky Shambles said...


Not a huge fan of little to offer --here's my blog! But you have a valid review of the guy and you're not selling me shoes from China so I'll let it be. Cheers!

The Wilkow Majority said...

It warms my heart to hear that Andrew Wilkow has become a new pain in your liberal ass.

Unknown said...

I hate wilkow

Anonymous said...

I think you seem to suffer from the same problem that most left-leaning communists (by another name) do, and that is that you refuse to break Andrew's argument. You mentioned that you really can't find a car that has all of its parts domestically made. Correct, you can't... that's not what Andrew said. His statement was that an Obama sticker on a foreign car is an oxymoron. You sidestepped his comment and just went off on your own tangent. It is indeed true, most every car, foreign, domestic, or anywhere in between comes with all kinds of "made in china" crap inside it. Andrew's oxymoron comment was well within the context that Obama and his left-leaning corporatist cronies keep propping-up the UAW/Detroit-3 machine with government contracts, billions in taxpayer dollars, and an entire agenda designed to do nothing more than encourage the cycle of money from politician, to government, to union, and back to politician (rinse and repeat). Elite progressives don't buy foreign made cars, they wouldn't be caught DEAD in them; no, domestic cars are for the "people", you know, the little guy, the sheep, Marx's useful idiots... people like you, and me, not for the really really "smart" people that deserve foreign cars. Its an oxymoron, it always has been, and the fact that Detroit's Big-3 have sold their soul to anyone in a political office that will insure/ensure their jobs, matters not. Try engaging directly with his arguments, instead of wining about circumstantial non-premises.

Also, his comment about Mexican's actually having to eat Wonder bread like the rest of us was a pretty funny quip. Who talks like that? I guess people who aren't afraid of speech control and the thought police. People who don't bow at the alter of race and worship the idea of political correctness. People who aren't fixated on the imaginary "victim class" and view everything through a lens of emotional parody.

Its not Andrew that scares you, its rational thought.

Ricky Shambles said...


I give you credit for getting your panties in a bunch about a 5-year-old post. Woop!

Your own form of "rational thought" is little more than conservative parroting in a ballistic ramble.

Rational thought doesn't frighten me. That you call what you wrote "rational thought" frightens me.

B. Ham said...

I try to listen to Andrew Wilkow as much as I can. I have learned a lot from him about America & our Constitution, freedom of the individual. I remember a lady saying, "Before I was a Republican I was a Democrat until I realized they were the Party of the Government & Republicans were the Party of the People". Personally, I think the later have lost their way but the choice of Government vs the Individual stays the same.

Curious said...

Head up his own ass is right. I wanna choke him when he says "we are right, they are wrong, end of story" . For one thing god only knows none of us are perfect and right all the time. If we empowered so much knowledge and we're always right we wouldn't be human. I listen to the show sometime just for a laugh listening to him make an ass out of himself.

Curious said...

Head up his own ass is right. I wanna choke him when he says "we are right, they are wrong, end of story" . For one thing god only knows none of us are perfect and right all the time. If we empowered so much knowledge and we're always right we wouldn't be human. I listen to the show sometime just for a laugh listening to him make an ass out of himself.

Unknown said...

Came across your blog by pure accident and noticed your comments about Andrew Wilkow. Full disclosure, I listen to him almost every day and would think he would love for you to come on his show to have a CIVIL debate on subjects you take issue with. In fact, I know he has invited anyone with an opposing opinion to discuss it live on his show and also on CRTV. If you are half the expert you claim to be please take up the challenge and have your message reach millions of conservatives. I will be looking forward to you posting the date you will be on the air with Mr. Wilkow so I can tune in. Good Luck.