Saturday, February 07, 2009

3M: the White House Energy Plan

Obama on the TV

Obama recently made a now-famous call to put a ceiling on corporate earnings when those corporations accept gov't money.

But what you may have missed is the 3M plastic-over-windows in the background.

3M Plastic Obama

Okay, it's not very obvious in stills. Check out the video:

So do we laud Obama's team for plasticating the windows in the White House, or do we rail them for not doing it well enough that it doesn't waver and show up in the shot?

You tell me.


Dawn said...

I believe the glass is intentionally made to allow in light but to hinder seeing clearly inside of the room. It is not plastic on the windows.

Anonymous said...

What you are looking at is a sheet of neutral density with color correction put on the window by the MSNBC television crew. This material allowed them to balance the light level of the exterior with the level inside the office. There is also color correction to balace outside daylight with the lights they were using inside (unless they were HMI's.) Something is wrong when an average viewer like you picks up on this and not the message the White Houses hoped to convey.